Day 12 Pre Spring Challenge Stripes

The stripes I attempted here are made using the “acid wash” technique.  This is where you paint you nails in a bright color (or whatever your choice) as the base.  Top coat that color.  Add a neutral color over that.  Wait until that dries.  Then take a small paint/nail brush, dipped in acetone, and remove parts of the top layer of polish, showing the base color underneath.


Must add a (non-paid!!) product endorsement here.  Alischia of Lacquerhead Polish sent along a cuticle oil with the polishes I will be including in the “Indies Only! Blogathon” (starting in about a week!!)

This oil not only smells YUMMMMMY it works extremely well.  My cuticles have been taking a beating lately with all of the polish swatching I’ve been doing.  So, I started using the oil Alischia sent me, and it is really making a fantastic difference.



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2 thoughts on “Day 12 Pre Spring Challenge Stripes

  1. feeraa says:

    This is a technique I haven’t seen much of and you’ve made it look awesome.

  2. Tricia says:

    Lovely colour and great blog!!! 😀

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