Giving some love! Polish Alcoholic

My girl Sabrina of Polish Alcoholic – has been such an inspiration and a joy to read her blog (and of course, see her beautiful photos).  So, when I saw this on the Girls Inspired Girls blog – Sabrina was the first person I thought of.
This post will be my entry for her in the G.I.G. give a little love” event.


Hosts of the great event are:

Dee from
Donah from
Liss from


5 thoughts on “Giving some love! Polish Alcoholic

  1. Thank you so much for this entry! I couldn’t agree more about Sabrina, she definitely is a darling and also my nail polishaholic inspiration! xx Donah

  2. Ahhhwww someone please get me a tissue? I’m weeping over here…
    Thanks so much sweetie! You’re the best!
    *cuddle cuddle cuddle*

  3. Totally agree, Sabrina is one of my top 3 my nail heros !

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