ANOTHER contest! Facebook contest launching soon……..LAUNCHING NOW!

Well, The Mommy Loves Nail Polish facebook page hit 100 “Like”s today!

So, let the contest begin!

First, visit the Mommy Loves Nail Polish Facebook page.

Here is how the contest will go:

Mommy Loves Nail Polish
100 Likes Contest

Between February 9th and March 1st – submit a photo of your best nail art/design.

Upload your image to the Mommy Loves Nail Polish timeline, mentioning that this is your submission to the contest, and your name ….. (anything rude will immediately be deleted and photo removed)

  • A Photo Album will be created for viewing the contest submissions.
  • For One Week (March 2 – March 8) after the last submission date, your submissions can be voted for.
  • Any “Like”s prior to that date will not be counted.
  • Each “Like” will be counted as a vote for that nail art.  Please feel free to send your friends over to vote for you!

Winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd) will be decided by the amount of “Like”s each photo has.
Prizes will be awarded, once the participant has been contacted and confirmed.

Pass on the word!  The more contestants, the more challenging and creative you will have to be! (and I know you are!)


NEVER did I imagine that only 4 months after launching a Facebook page, to go along side my blog, would I be on my way to getting 100 LIKES!!

To celebrate….when this page does get to 100 LIKES, I will be launching a contest.  A Nail Art Design contest!

Participants will be able to submit their very best nail art / design / manicure.  Their images will be posted full size on my Facebook page  and voting will ensue 🙂

Check back soon for more details!

7 thoughts on “ANOTHER contest! Facebook contest launching soon……..LAUNCHING NOW!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Is it open worldwide? thanks

  2. daPerley says:

    Sounds as a good idea, time to heat my brain a little 😀

  3. Such a great idea for a contest!

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