Indies Only! Blogathon – Today’s Feature Brand “Piper Polish”

Before I start, let me just mention that this might be my last post for a few days.  The kids have Friday and Monday off school – so we have an extra, extra long weekend.  I have a feeling I won’t have a lot of time to sit down in front of the computer 🙂  Have a great weekend everyone!

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Brand Name: Piper Polish

Owner/Creator: Erin Piper

Located: Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

Est. Date: Apr 23, 2012 (I have a feeling that’s not right, and she’s been around longer….but I can’t seem to find my info to confirm)

Where to purchase this brand:

Price range:
Small (5ml)  $4.99 – $5.50(for polishes including Spectraflair)
Full (15ml)  $7.50 – $10.75

COUPON CODE:  INDIEBLOG20 (20% discount on your entire order)

Where will they ship to:

United States $2.50 USD $0.50 USD
Australia $6.99 USD $2.00 USD
Austria $6.99 USD $2.00 USD
Belgium $6.99 USD $2.00 USD
Canada $6.99 USD $2.00 USD
Germany $6.99 USD $2.00 USD
New Zealand $6.99 USD $2.00 USD
Sweden $6.99 USD $2.00 USD
United Kingdom $6.99 USD $2.00 USD
Everywhere Else $7.50 USD $2.50 USD



SpectraFlair Topcoat


This is the manicure the Spectraflair topcoat is over in these photos.

This is the manicure the Spectraflair topcoat is over in these photos.



Mesmerizing……isn’t it?

Piper Polish’s Spectraflair Topcoat is a holo polish lovers DREAM!! 🙂  Really and truly, this is the best quality I have come across.  Last year, I heard about using Spectraflair in nail polish….and became obsessed with either finding a place to purchase spectraflair (everywhere I found sold it in huge expensive quantities, or tiny expensive quantities…) or finding a genuine spectraflair topcoat.

Four brands later – Piper Polish came out the winner by a LONG shot.  Maybe it’s because the other brands I tried were not very generous with the amount of Spectraflair pigment they added, so it wasn’t as brilliant….don’t know, don’t care 🙂  I’m sticking with this brand.  Not to mention, she has exceptional customer service.  When I purchased more of the topcoat a few months later, there was a a bit of hiccup with the order  – and Erin made sure it was resolved in a snap!



Walk This Way




Walk this Way is a polish that Erin sent to me to include in the blogathon, and I don’t think it has been listed in her shop as yet.  So, I’m not sure about whether or not this has some spectraflair pigment added – it looks like it to me 🙂  Aside from that unknown, what I do know is – it applies smoothly, and opaque with two coats.  Purple usually isn’t a color I wear, but this is sort of a purple/grey that really intrigues me – definitely one I will purchase in full size when it’s available 🙂



London Fog




London Fog…oh, London Fog – what did I do to you?  It deserved to be swatched much better than what I was able to do.  The navy blue/grey jelly base is smooth, the square opal/blue/green glitter pieces were easily picked up by the brush – but I still couldn’t do it justice.  Don’t blame the polish 😉



Glitter Bomb (over light beige base color)





Glitter Bomb!  This was made for me! (not really, but it may as well have been 🙂 lol)  When I swatched this, I wanted to be able to show off the mix of glitters (sizes, shapes, colors! wheee!) – so, I resisted and only applied one coat over a beige base.  But, if you look at the etsy listing for Glitter Bomb, you can see it swatched in full coverage.  Awwwwesome!!!!


Be sure to visit Piper Polish at and use her very generous coupon code: INDIEBLOG20

9 thoughts on “Indies Only! Blogathon – Today’s Feature Brand “Piper Polish”

  1. Yell says:

    I have that Spectraflair and it was AMAZING! I can’t find London Fog, though. Boo

  2. Thanks so much for this, I was just hesitating to risk delivery to France for this topcoat, but it sounds like it’s worth it !

  3. Oh those indies Soo gorgeous especially Spectaflair and Walk this way.

  4. craftynail says:

    That spectraflair is amazing! I neeeeed some.
    And London Fog? So unique!
    Nice post! Happy vday!

  5. Great lord… now I need the topcoat and “Walk this way”
    *drool drool*

    • You know!?! I swear, I would wear that top coat over every single nail polish . And with 3 coats, it’s opaque!!! Imagine that photo of the bottle of polish…..on your nails! Sigh………….

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