Indies Only! Blogathon – Today’s Feature Brand ” Indie Polish”

Brand Name: Indie Polish

Owner/Creator: Tanya Picanco

Located: Toronto, Canada

Est. Date:  2012

Where to purchase this brand:

Price range:

  • Small (5ml) $ 3.95
  • Full (15ml) $ 8.50


Where will they ship to:

  • Worldwide

Contact email:


Mini Bio

Our company was started as a side shop to our skincare shop . We love nail polish, always have, but also love creating too.  This shop started as a way to raise funds to do fun things with my autistic son…like our first trip to Mexico together.

2 coats of Harley Quinn

2 coats of Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn bottle close up

Harley Quinn bottle close up

2 coats of Harley Quinn

2 coats of Harley Quinn

This is the most recent polish I received from Indie Polish.  I’m not sure if this is an official collection, but there are several polishes named after super heroes and super villains – and as soon as my son saw this polish was named Harley Quinn – he was inspired to create (meaning supervise me and tell me what to do :)) a nail polish inspired by the Riddler.  I think I have a polish making little man, in training!


My sons Riddler polish inspired by Harley Quinn polish.

Back on topic….Harley Quinn has a lovely smooth application.  If not for the few bumps I wanted to smooth out with topcoat,  from the glitter, it would be one of those paint and go polishes.  Smooth, shiny, two coats and off you go!  The color reminds me of a yummy strawberry syrup…with a bit of shimmer and holo glitter 🙂  Yummm!


Mandarin Goby over black base.

Mandarin Goby over black base.


Mandarin Goby over black base.

Mandarin Goby over black base.

This is a really unique polish that is very hard to capture on camera.  Just a hint of blue in the base, with mixtures of tinsel, hex and shreds – in silver, holo and a few dark reddish colors.  It appears in the bottle to be sheer, but with just 2 coats, a beautiful shimmery silver covers the black base color I used.

With the many glitter types in this polish, you do need a coat or two of Gelous or Seche – I applied one layer of Seche, and probably would have been more satisfied with two coats – some may only want one coat 🙂  Whatever your preference, this is a great looking polish!


Matte Tar Sands - Texture Polish.  Two coats.

Matte Tar Sands – Texture Polish. Two coats.

Matte Tar Sands - Texture Nail Polish.  Two coats.

Matte Tar Sands – Texture Nail Polish. Two coats.

When did Mariah Carey’s sand polish get released?  🙂  I think Indie Polish released theirs first!  Love it or hate it – sand polish is the latest trend, and here is a handmade/hand blended version.  Personally, I am still on the fence.  With this polish, and the Mariah Carey/OPI version both in my helmer….I have to admit, there is not much of a difference between the two brands, when it comes to texture.  Matte Tar Sands has a black base, so it’s a little difficult to see the glitter, but it’s there: silver, copper and green glitter.

They did a great job creating a texture polish – and whether or not you like this new trend, this is a good version of it.  No denying that fact 🙂


Purple People Eater over dark blue base.

Purple People Eater over dark blue base.

IMG_4385 IMG_4387 IMG_4388

Whatever suspension base they are using is good stuff!  This polish has that really great, smooth, shiny application that Harley Quinn had.   “Purple People Eater” has all of the glittery goodness I like in an indy polish – but what I like the most (and what they don’t mention in their description….I don’t think) is that, if you apply this polish alone, it applies just like you see in the bottle – but as soon as you pair this polish with a dark base coat, a wonderful surprising multi chrome (purple/blue/green) appears along with the glitter.  That was an awesome discovery for me!

“Indie Polish” brand started with only a few choices back in December 2012 when I first found their store on etsy – but within the past couple of months, they have re-branded and recreated their shop and have (approx?) tripled the amount of polish creations available for sale.  Definitely a brand to keep an eye on.  A lot of the polishes are only created in batches of 2 or 3 – so, if you see something you like….best grab it up when you see it 🙂

Check out my fellow Canadian over at – you will be sure to find a polish or two to use that coupon code on! (MLNB10)

Don’t forget to enter my Facebook 100 Likes Nail Art Challenge HERE.  One more week before contest closes for submissions.  (from 100 likes to 300 likes in a week??!!  Maybe I should have another celebration contest 😉 lol!) 

Thanks everyone!  Great Big Hugs to you ALL !!!!!


4 thoughts on “Indies Only! Blogathon – Today’s Feature Brand ” Indie Polish”

  1. JQ says:

    Hi!! I just found your blog randomly!! Yay another Canadian Nail blogger! This mommy loves nail polish too! And my little guy is always asking me to paint his. ;p He totally picks the most wicked shade of fuchsia pink too. How many times did I have to try spelling fuchsia before I got it right? Every other combination of chs. sheesh.

    • Hey there! You did better than I would have with the word fuchsia, plus I would have just scrapped that word and said “a pinkish colour” 🙂
      So far, the only shades my son is interested in for himself, are blue, green and black – and his Daddy won’t let him out of the house with polish on his nails – so, I’ve given him a few of those plastic wheels for painting on like Mommy does…..and that seems to get it out of his system 🙂 If I let him, he would use my polish in his colouring books, I’m sure 🙂

      I’m glad you found my blog! I just went for a visit to yours, and started following. Gotta support our fellow Canadian polish addicts, right?!

  2. Tanya says:

    Thank you for the awesome review! I promise to always keep you guessing! next up is a pokemon polish line…..gosh these boys of ours eh?

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