Indies Only! Blogathon – Today’s Feature Brand “Taras Nailart”

Brand Name: Tara’s Nail Polish

Owner/Creator: Tara Blomquist

Located: Kentucky, USA

Est. Date:  March 29th 2012

Where to purchase this brand:

Price range:

  • Small (5ml) $3.00
  • Full (15ml) $7.00

Where will they ship to:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Other countries by request.

Contact email:




Mini Bio

Hi! I’m Tara. I’m 23 years old. I made polish after learning about other indie brands. I started my own shop while I was pregnant with my son shortly before my maternity leave as a means to make extra money. Since then it has blossomed into a wonderful project that I enjoy every day. I take custom requests if there’s something that you are interested in having me make. As well as can make almost any bottle into a full sized bottle. It only depends if it’s an almost discontinued shade.

Onto Tara’s fantastic polishes!

Scream – Michael Jackson Polish




This is Tara’s version of a black and white glitter polish with a clear base.  I swear, I never get bored with the many versions of the black and white glitter indie.  There are so many out there, and not one of them is the same.  Tara’s for example, is all shreds – I’ve seen hex, tinsel and dots, but this is the first with shreds.  Very cool 🙂  Applies smoothly and generously, without any pieces curing up and out of the top coat.  This was one layer over taupe and one layer of Seche Vite topcoat.

I Killed The Teen Dream – Jawbreaker Nail Polish




Inspired by the movie Jawbreaker, but all I can see is exact dupe of It’s A Trap-eze by China Glaze.  AWESOME!  I love that polish!

I used a mint green base, and applied two coats of It’s a Trap-eze…. I Killed the Teen Dream on all but my ring finger I used Seche Vite, on my ring finger I used a matte top coat.  It looks great in person!  Definitely wearing it with matte on top next time 🙂

I Ain’t Saying She’s A Gold Digger – Kayne West Nail Polish




Tara says in her description of “I ain’t sayin she’s a gold digger” that’s it’s her dupe of the gold flake polish by OPI (the Skyfall collection)  I think it’s better 🙂  Yes, having real 18k gold flakes on your nails is pretty cool as a conversation starter – but when it comes down to it – there are a very sparse amount of gold flakes on your nails….and even that small amount had to be fished out of the bottle, and manipulated and spread around.  Pain in the behind.  (In my humble opinion , of course).

The gold flakes in “I ain’t sayin she’s a gold digger”  come out of the bottle like they’re fighting for attention.  So many!  And they spread out on the nail evenly (you can see how smooth the surface of my nails are).  With a nice shiny topcoat, those babies glitter like gold!…. wait…..oh never mind!






What can I say about this polish?  Blue is my absolute favorite color, whenever and however I see it – so this gets an automatic “LOVE IT!” from me 🙂   The application is smooth.  Opaque with two coats.  The shimmer gives it a unique soft look in one light, and shiny metallic in another. The blue, green and purple matte hex glitters stick to the brush nicely, so you don’t have to fish them out.  What else?….Oh!  This polish lasted 3 days before I noticed any chipping or wear at the tips.

Wasn’t On The Guest List – Empire Records Nail Polish




My problem child polish! 🙂  I had no issues with any of the polishes, until I came to “Wasn’t on the Guest List”!  Such an amazing and beautiful metallic pink….but those stubborn little glitter pieces decided they didn’t want to come out and play 😦  I think it was personal…they were upset I waited until last to swatch this one.

I managed to get a few out, but it seems what happened to my bottle was, the majority of the glitter stuck themselves to the inside of the glass and wouldn’t loosen off.  I mentioned it to Tara, and she assured me that this was not the norm, so rest assured, if you decide to purchase one of these – you will not have this same issue.  And you know what, even if you do – that fantastic pink makes up for it 🙂   I would have been more than happy to wear the pink all by itself (and I don’t even like pink!)

Go check out Tara’s Nail Art and see for yourself her adorable polishes 🙂


4 thoughts on “Indies Only! Blogathon – Today’s Feature Brand “Taras Nailart”

  1. Tara says:

    Yay!!! Your pictures are great! Thank you so much for featuring me. Ill be doing a restock tonight for these polishes and new ones. Kitty is getting reformulated to include square glitter! Thank you again so much!!!!

  2. blimbo2005 says:

    love the names of the polishes and the colors seem to go with the name. loving the michael jackson and the jawbreaker

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