Indies Only! Blogathon – Today’s Feature Brand ” Kunimitsu”

Brand Name:Kunimitsu Nail Potions

Owner/Creator:Jessica Blodgett

Located: Port Orange, FL

Est. Date:Summer 2011, Etsy shop opened March 2012

Where to purchase this

Price range:

  • Small (5ml) $4
  • Full (15ml) $8

COUPON CODE: Keep up with Jessica’s Facebook for news on discounts, promos and giveaways!

Where will they ship to:

  • United States
  • Special shipping with request to: Canada, Mexico, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand.


Instagram: Kunimitsu22

Mini Bio

I am an animal lover, I have 2 cats that I adore. I keep 3 aquariums plus an outdoor pond. I was born and raised in Vermont, and currently live on the east coast of Florida. I practice yoga, and aside from making nail polish I also love to make beaded jewelry, crochet and sew.
I named my polish brand after my first cat, Kunimitsu. She was a beautiful gray kitty with a white star on her chest and sadly she had to go to heaven last year. I have two polishes that were made in her honor – ‘Kunimitsu’ and ‘Interpretation of a pixelated Kunimitsu’.
I love to make custom polishes that represent something special, a loved pet, family member, life events. Custom polishes take about 7-10 days to collaborate and create once I can focus on that custom request. (At times I have several requests and there may be a short waiting period). Customs are full size only and standard rates apply. I do not make ‘dupes’ of other polishes, whether commercial or other indie polishes.


Onto the polishes!

I must admit that I wasn’t sure what I was going to think about the polishes Jessica sent me – beautifully labeled and interesting shaped bottles, but I was a little iffy when I saw the colors from the outside of the bottle.

Such ….rarely seen…..combinations, but once I had them polished on my nails – I was thoroughly impressed!  In fact, the only one I knew for a fact I would LOVE was “Nubian Princess” – but ask me again now, and I have no favorite…..actually, I suppose I could say that they are all my favorite of the polishes I have tried from Kunimitsu :).  Beautiful with smooth application and great color with two coats.

Take a look for yourself! 🙂


Lucky Goldfish no base color – two coats.

Lucky Goldfish no base color - two coats.

Lucky Goldfish no base color – two coats.


Lucky Goldfish close up

Lucky Goldfish close up

Great pigment for two coat coverage.  Just enough of the 2 (or 3) sized orange hex shaped glitters, so you don’t have to worry about the bumpy gritty feeling that some glitter polishes have.  But enough that after two coats, the glitter has spread evenly.

I NEVER would have considered these colors together, and I just love it!  The contrast between the blue and orange that she chose are fantastic 🙂


Nubian Princess over nude base color.

Nubian Princess over nude base color.

Nubian Princess close up

Nubian Princess close up

No doubt this was going to be one of my favs 🙂  Pink (maybe), purple, gold and white and something holographic (I think it’s the tiny square gold glitters).  I suppose you could do two coats for more of a full coverage, but I don’t think you would be able to see all of the details if you were to do that, so my choice was one coat.  And next time it will be over black!  Ohhhh that is going to be NICE!


Love is a Kitten (no base color)

Love is a Kitten (no base color)

Love is a Kitten close up

Love is a Kitten close up

Love is a Kitten (no base color)

Love is a Kitten (no base color)

Where do I start with this?  As odd as it sounds to use this as a descriptive for a nail polish – this polish is gentle looking.  A soft creamy looking polish and the glitters are so subtle – it’s almost like a little bit of pepper in the polish with some small fuchsia glitters.  None of that sounds complimentary….sorry 😦

Ok, here is a great compliment ….. I wore this polish for an entire weekend I loved it so much!  🙂  You polish fanatics know what I’m talking about!


Lucky Goldfish over nude base.

Bananas Foster over nude base.

Bananas Foster

Bananas Foster

Bananas Foster over nude base.

Bananas Foster over nude base.


Can a polish look yummy?  Because Bananas Foster does 🙂  From the description on the listing, you will find yellow matte glitter with metallic caramel, brown, and gold glitters.  Yes, that is yummy sounding.  And as you can see from the photos, no bumpiness!  Just one layer of topcoat.  Always a plus with glitter bomb polishes 🙂




Jessica has such a unique sense of what goes well together in a polish (and they really do work really well!) you will find a good selection of polishes to choose from.  Check Kunimitsu out! 🙂

10 thoughts on “Indies Only! Blogathon – Today’s Feature Brand ” Kunimitsu”

  1. tmvikholt says:

    These polishes are gorgeous! I’m so in love with glitter polishes lately 🙂

  2. blimbo2005 says:

    i am love with lucky gold fish I think this will be my first indie polish brand to buy

  3. Banana Foster is gorgeous ! I’m starting a lemming list 🙂

  4. Craftynail says:

    These are beautiful! I bet the kitten one is so pretty in real life. And the lucky goldfish really stands out- I love it!

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