Indies Only! Blogathon – Today’s Feature Brand “Lacquerhead Polish”

Brand Name: Lacquerhead Polish

Owner/Creator: Alischia Taylor

Located: Tyler, TX

Est. Date: Sep 2, 2012

Where to purchase this

Price range:

  • Small (5ml) $4
  • Full (15ml) $8 (selected polishes $10)

Where will they ship to:

ship to cost with another item
United States $2.50 USD $0.50 USD
Australia $9.00 USD $0.75 USD
Canada $8.00 USD $0.75 USD
European Union $9.00 USD $0.75 USD
Hong Kong $9.00 USD $0.75 USD
Singapore $9.00 USD $0.75 USD
Everywhere Else $10.00 USD $1.00 USD

From the store info:

Hi and Welcome to Lacquerhead Polish! I create custom one of kind indie polishes. You’ll see I love white based polishes and glitter top coats and jellys…well, I guess I love them all, after all I am a lacquerhead! Please read my store policies and have a look around. Convo me if you have any questions. Be sure to visit Lacquerheads facebook page for upcoming releases and announcements. Thanks so much for stopping by 🙂


How adorable are these bottles!?!  Alischia sends them each out with hand tied bows and custom (polish name) labels.   And I know they must be hand tied, because I untied one by mistake, and was too clumsy to get it tied nicely again 🙂  On top of the lovely packaging, she sent along cuticle oil along with the polishes, and it’s actually good!  I am continually paying hiked up prices on store bought cuticle oil with none working – so, what a pleasant surprise 🙂


Save the Bows (over holo royal blue)


Save the Bows (over holo royal blue)


Save the Bows (over holo royal blue)

Nice smooth consistency for easy application .  While there are tons of bits and pieces of glittery goodies, I did not have any difficulty smoothing out everything with a top coat.  There were no pieces that had curled or gone wonky – which is rare when you have the variety of glitter shapes.  As I am completely obsessed with all things blue (especially nail polish) so I loved that I could wear one of my favorite blue holo polishes under “Save the Bows” without it looking out of place.  Quite often I find clear glitter polishes only look great over black – “Save the Bows” seems to look great over anything ! 🙂



The Scrambler (2 coats alone)


The Scrambler (2 coats alone)


The Scrambler (2 coats alone)


The Scrambler (2 coats alone)

Except for the fact that I am utterly in love with this polish – there isn’t much to say 🙂  Nicely pigmented, so only two coats were needed, and the touch of added multi color shreds was awesome.  Again….no curling, nothing poking out.  I didn’t really need a top coat, but I am so used to using one, that I have one think layer of Seche Vite on top.



High Maintenance (over chocolate brown)


High Maintenance (over chocolate brown)


High Maintenance (over chocolate brown)

Ohhh, I wish I didn’t have any complaints, but just a little teeny weeny problems with “High Maintenance”.  Alischia chose some great glitters, but I always have problems with the polishes that contain larger glitter pieces.  So, this is probably more user error, than polish error 😉  What I always end up doing, is dragging most of the big glitters into one area (not intentionally) and they get stuck and I can’t spread them around smoothly.

What I ended up doing – was stealing one of the really flat brushes from another brand of polish (Nina brand I think – purchased at Sally’s.  Great brush!  Polish…mehhh)….cleaned the brush up, and used it in High Maintenance, and it helped to spread the glitters out without  much moving them around.  Voila!


Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Indies Only! Blogathon – Today’s Feature Brand “Lacquerhead Polish”

  1. blimbo2005 says:

    I really like save the bows and The scrambler.

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