Nail Stamp (Fab ur Nails by JAKS)


This is the smallest post I have ever done – but I had to post this.   While playing around with my nail stamping, I came across this stamp that I did not know I had.  Love it!!!



Please pardon the fact that the actual stamping looks like poop, but I had to show off the image.


This is from Fab ur Nails by JAKS  Fun plate #2 – purchased from NinjaPolish.


More stamping!


There must be one of those Murphy’s Laws, or a proverb in a fortune cookie, that says: when you are playing with your nail stamping, it will looks great – when you are trying to create an awesome manicure with stamping,  (that you want to post on your blog) – it will keep screwing up and looking gross 😦


If a saying doesn’t exist, I will have to figure out how to shorten that.   And make it one 🙂


I also tried a great idea by poundandprincess – which was to stamp on the Ghoulish Glow “glow in the dark” polish that came in the Wicked Collection.  It would have worked, if the polish was able to go on thicker – but the amount that gets left in the plate to get stamped, wasn’t enough to show up in the dark 😦  It was a good idea though!


Alas, I have a mediocre mani to show you, and have put away my stamping stuff in it’s drawer…for a long while.


My first try:


And, the next try:



Ohhh, it’s not that bad, I guess! 🙂


Have an awesome day!

Halloween …. stamping, sparkles, crackles …..sounds exciting! Day 6


Yes, it sounds exciting, doesn’t it?   Hmmm, maybe not all that exciting – but I had fun doing it 🙂  I haven’t used any of my crackle polishes in a long time, and when I saw the Halloween manicure by blogger Frivalicious – I was inspired.


And here, may I present to you…. my piece de resistence (how the heck do you spell that??)


Voila !
















And, by the way – as a side note to last night’s post about the new stamping stuff.  The XL stamper is great.  The FUN Fab Ur Nails stamping plate is great.  The skulls plate – not so much.  I tried all of the images, and the one on my thumb was the only one that worked really well.  And I haven’t tried the fruit plate (ha ha fruit plate!) yet.


Enjoy your day!!

Lucky Me! More Nail Stamping Stuff


Hello, Hello!


I am excited to show off a couple of things I have been waiting for (nail related, of course!)



In the above pic is a new stamping plate from Polish Ninja’s “FUN plate #1  by Fab ur Nails” and a new XL nail stamper that came with a couple of really quality plastic scrapers (also purchased a couple of new plates from the same ebay store, hope they work).













This is a close up of the images on the FUN plate #1 FAB UR NAILS by JAKS (ordered from Ninja Polish)





These (above) plates have some images that could work out to be really nice….. -<rant on> I just hope they are engraved deep enough.  I have ordered too many plates from random  stores on ebay, and they end up barely having the images scraped into them, and don’t hold the polish. <rant off 🙂 >

































This is the XL stamper with small detail stamper.  When I heard this stamper existed – I had to have it and found here  from this ebay seller .  And below is why….





























Well, as you can see – the standard size stamper (this one is Konad, and I LOVE everything else Konad, just not the size of their stamper) – the size can be too small for the full nail images quite often.  Wish me luck 🙂


Next post….more Skull Stamping!!  Stay Tuned