Seche Collage Overlay & Nfu Oh JS16 Swatches/Review

First order of business here…I ORDERED MYSELF 2 LAYLA BUBBLY EFFECT POLISHES!!!! Yay!

My favorite Canadian online polish shop Nail Polish Canada has just (as of yesterday I think) started carrying a selection of the bubbly effect line.  And, I happened to have another giftcard from santa – so, FINALLY I am getting these polishes I have been waiting months for!  I promise to swatch/review and post as soon as they arrive!

Onto the reason for this post….apparently, Seche has polishes….I was aware of their topcoats, basecoats, treatments…..but, when I saw this polish by Seche – my first thought was “ohhh pretty….sparkles” second thought was..”$7.99?  not bad – must have” 🙂

So here we go!


IMG_3674IMG_3676I don’t know what my thing with the “Bieb’s” is these days…but I really like his blue “Baby Blue” from Nicole by Opi.  And that is what Seche’s “Collage Overlay” is layered over.

Chunky glitter is always hard to work with, and because of the thick nature of Seche’s formula – it made a bit of a lumpy mess.  It’s worth the work though – and I think if I were a bit more patient, it could have looked cleaner.

IMG_3678After seeing the results if the Bieber/Seche combo – I decided it needed more.  So, I made a jelly sandwich!  (I really can’t type that without feeling silly 🙂 )

The pale blue Nfu Oh JS 16, topped it off perfectly.

I don’t have a lot to say about Nfu Oh, because they can do no wrong in my eyes 🙂   Their blue jelly polish is as good as any of the their other polishes I have tried.  Smooth application, no streaking.

IMG_3677It isn’t the cleanest mani I have done, but you can see what the results could have been – had I been a bit more patient 😉


Hope you enjoyed 🙂  Have a great Thursday!

Don’t forget to visit Nail Polish Canada!  They have a lot of great polishes, and ship internationally.

Revlon Hearts of Gold FX – Swatches / Review

Again, Happy New Year!  I can’t believe I’ve actually posted 3 (as of now) times  already in 2013!

New Years day here is created for hangover recovery, I think.  The only thing open is the drugstore 🙂  I don’t know if that is an international thing, but it sure is here – and when you have a stir crazy 5 year old boy….that’s not good!

So, we went for a drive to the drugstore….and I ended up using one of my giftcards on these 🙂 :


This color is supposed to (in real life – couldn’t capture on camera) a dark army green with teeny green glitter pieces /dust.  Essence Walk on the Wild Side



I came across a new Revlon display that included 2 new glitter top coats – so, knowing me and glitter…one of them had to come home with me.  My son decided I needed gold.  This is Revlon Hearts of Gold FX.


Unfortunately, it was like a lot of other glitters that contain shapes (hearts, stars, moons etc.).  I was lucky to pull out 1-2 each time I dipped the brush, and those lumped on top of each other when I brushed them on.

My thoughts on Hearts of Gold FX – it’s pretty in the bottle….on the shelf…at the store.  Not worth spending precious nail polish money on 🙂   Too bad 😦

ANOTHER Selena Gomez polish!?! (Swatches and Review) Confetti Fun

Glad to be back posting!  I hope everyone enjoyed their festivities 🙂

Onto the good stuff!  While Santa didn’t actually get these for me for Christmas – he did give me gift cards that purchased them 🙂

More money into the already fat wallets of OPI and Selena Gomez!  What can you do?The polishes are so pretty!!!

A reverse accent nail with Nails Inc. “Cheyne Walk” as the base.  This polish is a Mirror Metallic (that’s what the bottle says) duo chrome  purple/pink/gold color shifts.  Great application, but a bit sheer.  It took 3 coats to get to opaque.


I used a matte topcoat, so unfortunately the color shifting doesn’t show – but it does look really pretty, almost satin like.



“Confetti Fun” is almost identical to another OPI I have called “Rainbow in the S-Kylie” (must be one of the kardashian’s).  Possibly, the only slight difference is the glitter pieces might be smaller in “Confetti Fun”.


It’s a fun effects top coat, and with so many colors, you could use just about any base color you want.  Application is great – a generous amount of glitter with each dip and it goes on without the glitter clumping up.



Both polishes were really nice, and the only thing I would add is: if you have “Rainbow in the S-Kylie” – don’t bother buying “Confetti Fun”.  There just isn’t enough difference to tell them apart.

Have a great night!!

Swatches – Nicole by Opi, Sephora by Opi and Lush Lacquer

Lots and lots of pictures in this post!

First….I am soooo excited that my local shopping center opened a Sephora store!!  I have never been into one of their actual stores – just the website.  So, needless to say…Sephora gift cards are now top of my list for Santa to get me for Christmas 🙂

Sephora is certainly not an inexpensive store, so while I wanted to buy tons of nail polish and nail paraphernalia – I resisted and just purchased one polish…for now 🙂

Sephora by Opi  “S-age is Just a Number”   A unique gold/green/rust duo (three-o) tone polish, and is perfectly opaque in two coats.



And I ventured to polish my right hand in another Opi (Nicole by Opi “You’re S-Teal The One”) that I planned on photographing as well.  But, the precise reason why I rarely show my right hand in posts…is because I am really bad polishing with my left – and this is no exception… sorry 🙂  it’s a very pretty color though!


There is a slight purple duo tone thing happening with this polish, but it’s very hard to capture in photos.  Trust me, it’s amazing in person!  Mind you, I did need 4 (FOUR!!) coats to get the actual blue you see in the bottle.




And last, but not least – a glitter top coat by Lush Lacquer called Tree-mendous.

A clear polish with mainly small green glitter, and a mixture of a slightly larger gold/yellow/pink/blue/purple/red/orange hex glitter and yellow stars.  As with any polish with chunkier multi size glitter, the best application was to dab it on and then smooth out and add a thick top coat.  Lots of all of the glitter goodies each dip of the brush 🙂

These photos are with Tree-mendous polished over Sephora by Opi “S-age is just a number”



That’s all!!  Have a fantastic day! 🙂


Silly Lily Polish – Black n Red n Matte All Over …Review/Swatches

These Silly Lily polishes I received the other day, are so super cute!  I keeping promising myself I will only try on one a day …… let’s just say – will power is not my strength.   So, here’s another one!!

Black n Red n Matte All Over  polished over Zoya Purity, with a Seche Vite topcoat.


As with any glitter polish with chunky sized glitter, the pieces had to be maneuvered a bit so they didn’t bunch up and overlap too much.  But, the quantity of “stuff” that came out after each brush dip was a perfect amount.

IMG_3510I messed up with my pinky finger….after the first coat, I decided to try for a second, and clearly….this polish does NOT need a second coat.  One coat is just enough to show off what the polish contains, and two coats is overload.



In this (above) photo – you can see what happens when you rush and spread the top coat over too quickly….bubbles.  Take it slow, and brush smoothly towards the tip of the nail.  I was hurrying, and dabbing in places trying to smooth out some bumps showing from the glitter.  Don’t do this 🙂  Two thin layers is better than one thick globby, bubbly layer 🙂


Final say on this particular polish…I love it, I really, really do!  In fact, I have been looking for, and attempting to recreate something almost exactly like this since the summer.

And someday soon, I hope to have more time to give it the manicure it deserves 🙂

Birthday Nail Polish Photos!!

So….I ended up going out again, and purchased the rest of the Maybelline “Sequins” collection (except for the turquoise glitter, because it looks exactly like Color Club’s Untamed Luxury).  I couldn’t help it!!  They were on for such a good price, and some were already almost sold out!! <smiling sheepishly> and it’s my birthday 🙂

So, here are a bunch of random photos I took this afternoon while playing with my new glitters 🙂  (all polished over a black base)




Ruby Rhinestones

Ruby Rhinestones

Lavender Sparks

Lavender Sparks

Ruby Rhinestones

Ruby Rhinestones

Rose Bling

Rose Bling

Cocktail Dress

Cocktail Dress

Rose Bling

Rose Bling

Gold's Night Out

Gold’s Night Out

Lavender Sparks

Lavender Sparks

Cocktail Dress

Cocktail Dress  (looks like it drank all of the top coat I applied!!)

Gold's Night Out

Gold’s Night Out

And just as I was about to post this, my son came into the room to give me my birthday gift.  And guess what it was???!!  NAIL POLISH!!!  My family knows me so well – even my 5 year old 🙂