Do the “Monster Mash”! (by Orly)


Squeee!  What a fun nail polish!

Monster Mash by Orly – one of the Flash Glam FX polishes from their Spellbound collection.



This is the type of polish that catches your eye, and won’t let go.  With holographic green glitters and flicks – you just can’t go wrong.  It has been released in a Halloween collection, but it also seems like a polish to include in a spring collection.
On it’s own, in all honesty – it’s kind of gross looking.  The sheer green polish the glitter is suspended in, is…not attractive.  See for yourself:



But, as suggested on the signage  in the store, as well as the copy on their website – “layer over black to intensify the look!”



MUCH better!! 🙂  Personally, I would not recommend using Monster Mash on it’s own.  It’s definitely the layering type.


I tried it over orange (forgot to take photos) and over black.  They both looked nice, but over the black was pretty spectacular 🙂


My new favorite glitter polish!  What’s yours?




Ouch!……Vampire Bites

My attempt at this tutorial.


This Halloween manicure was so easy and fun to do – I was having so much fun with the reactions today while shopping!!



Exactly as the tutorial read (except a variation in polish colors) – I painted my nails in a neutral skin tone.  My choice was Finger Paint’s “Gossamer White”.

And, if I may do a quick review on this particular polish:  it sucked.  3 thick coats and my natural nail was still showing through in places.  Not like a sheer polish where it is supposed to show the nail under a light color of polish, but it was a thick creamy white in some places, and nothing in others.  Anyways… as I was saying…

After painting the base color, I used a tiny detail brush to paint on the drips of blood from my cuticles.  The color I used for this was OPI “InStyle Red”.  On my middle finger, first I used a tiny bit of ripped off makeup sponge – dipped in the red polish and dabbed on a faded circle.  Then I mixed the redCHI “Miss Shops alot”  polish with a drop of black to make the bite marks (with a dotting tool, in the center of the circle I just made with the sponge).

Added a bit of glitter, topped it with Seche Vite – and VOILA!




China Glaze Wicked Collection

Just some photos.  China Glaze needs no review 🙂


The Ghoulish Glow even glows when the lights are low!  It doesn’t have to be really dark!  Awesome!

Roguish Red, Bizarre Blurple (love the name!) with Glitter Goblin stripe down the middle.

Roguish Red

Bizarre Blurple (pardon the weird background)

Great collection!  It was released for Halloween, but these colors are great anytime of the year!  (I need to figure out how to add the Ghoulish Glow into a manicure still…)

Thumbs up 😉

Zombicure: aka Zombies on my nails


This was not in any way, shape or form – my original or unique idea.  I admit, I didn’t do exactly as this person did – but that is only because, in all honesty, I am not a very good artist 😉


This was the Youtube tutorial I was trying to recreate:

Frankenstein’s Missus ♥Halloween Nail Art♥ by


Here is my version!





My “splatter” attempt


The good, the bad and the ugly.  I promised I would share it all – so, as I was scrubbing all of the paint off of me, and getting the acetone out to remove the polish, I decided…. might as well post this.  I’m not the only one who isn’t absolutely brilliant at every nail art technique, and I don’t have the time to try over and over to get it right.  Not unless it’s something I really like eg. nail stamping (that took me forever to figure out how to do it right!!)


So, this is what my attempt looked like – and for the work it takes, I am happy to see how nice it looks on other peoples fingernails 🙂

(the colors I was using, black, moss green and orange were for a zombie theme I was working on)




Sorry, I didn’t even bother moisturizing my cuticles, or cleaning the polish from them – I just scrubbed the paint off.


And again, that was “the ugly” AND “the bad”  😉  In fact, I am adding a new category for my “fails” LOL


Bubble, bubble…polish and trouble.


I’m running out of things to call my posts…. as you can see 🙂


Proudly, I would like to announce the latest holographic polish purchase, added to my collection.

Introducing,  JADE Holografico “Magia”.  It is just as good, if not possibly better than the Nfu Oh holographic’s.  Really fantastic smooth consistency, and brilliant holo with just one coat (although I’ve done 2 here).


The reason for the introduction is,  that this is the base polish for tonight’s manicure.


What I saw in my mind, while thinking of what to do to my nails was ,pools of green with bubbles coming out/up from them.
What turned out, was this:



They kind of look like a weird version of when I do strawberries on my nails.  The middle finger got mushed, and I still had a small puddle of green polish left from doing the dots – so, I tried the spun sugar (that’s what it is called, right?) technique.  It worked, kind of.


More pics!




bonne nuit mes amis!