Day 13 Pre Spring Challenge Sponging

This “sponging” mani will be listed under FAIL – but, I still like it.  Then again, if there is sparkle, or holo – I’m in luuuurve!!!

First, I started with a taupe base color, added some wavy stickers, sponged over the stickers (and nail, of course) a multi chrome (essence chic reloaded) waited for it to dry, and lightly sponged color club’s halo-graphic.

The holo completely took over !  You would never ever know there were two colors there.  I guess it says a lot for the holographic strength of Halo-graphic 🙂





One more day to get a few more entries in for the raffle!!!

Still visiting rafflecopter daily?


Ozotic 617 – Blue Holo – Review / Swatches

Ahhhh, sweeeet!!  This polish makes me HAPPY!!

It’s been a while since I’ve had a holo in a different brand of polish.  Ozotic is a brand I have seen, and heard great things about – so I didn’t think twice when my local (meaning Canadian) online store started carrying them, and scooping up a couple.

This holographic polish isn’t a typical holo – it seems to get it’s holographic features from actual glitter pieces, but I don’t think it does.  It’s a very nice smooth application – none of the bumpiness it should have if it was glitter.  So, I’m not sure how it is such a fantastic holo…but it is 🙂

Let’s let the photos do the talking! 🙂


ozotic617-4 ozotic617-3

How refreshing, after the disastrous day I had yesterday with that bubbly polish!

Final Thought:  Love it!  Go buy it!! 😉


French Canadian Manicure

🙂  A little lop sided  😉   Just Joking!

I had no idea what to call this.

First, I polished my entire nail with Glitter Gal’s “Green 3D Holo” (green?) and applied those smiley looking stickers (to help make the tips even) for french manicures….but I curved them so they were sort of diagonally across my nail.

Then, the tips were polishes with Orly’s “Sweet Peacock”.

And, polished the entire nail over again with the Glitter Gal Holo.






Subtle, but I’m pleased with it 🙂  But then again, I am please with anything holographic on my nails!

Have a great weekend!

Reverse Holo Moon Mani

My attempt at a reverse moon / half moon (not sure the official name 🙂 )

The polishes I used are Jade’s Hypnose for the “moon” and Color Club’s Revvvolution on the rest of the nail.




I just love a good holographic polish 🙂


Enjoy your day!!

Orly Rock Solid

Ohhhh….my first post with my slowly growing nails.

I could have added a bit more glitter pieces, if my nails were at their full length – but aside from that, I don`t think they turned out too bad 😉


The nail polish is Orly Rock Solid ( 3 coats as it was a little thin)  Rock Solid is a steel gray with a holographic glitter dust suspended.  Pretty….but not spectacular.   And that, is why I added my own glitter!!  (have I mentioned I LOVE GLITTER) The glitter I used was Martha Stewart, but there are ton of quality glitters available…at a much lower price!






Hope that everyone is enjoying their black friday!!

I know I am, and black friday isn`t even a big deal here in Canada!

Gotta love online shopping 🙂

Holo with Glitter? I’m in love!

With my stubby little nails still growing to a decent length, I thought I would dig into my mani photo archives and post this lost gem 🙂

Unfortunately, I didn’t make note of the colors I used.  Basically, I used a blue holographic base color, then taped a “V” shape and painted on the glitter polish.  After adding the topcoat, I stuck on a couple of colored gems, and voila!!

I like this one, quite a bit actually.  Wonder why I never posted it?  Oh well!!  Enjoy your Sunday!!