Reverse Holo Moon Mani

My attempt at a reverse moon / half moon (not sure the official name 🙂 )

The polishes I used are Jade’s Hypnose for the “moon” and Color Club’s Revvvolution on the rest of the nail.




I just love a good holographic polish 🙂


Enjoy your day!!

Another striping tape mani! (step by step)

I tried this sponging/striping tape manicure a little while back – and for a first try, it seemed to turn out pretty good.

After all of these challenges and being “told” what my manicures were going to be – I had the need to break free!! (lol whatever) and since I am not terribly original….I decided to try the striping tape mani again.   (I have to pull out my stamping supplies again…but I was so frustrated to past few times I used them….they went to the back of the drawer)

Not that I am any kind of expert to be giving “tutorials” – but, I will go step by step in what I did throughout the “process” 🙂

Step1 – I polished my nails with 2 coats of Nubar’s Stardust, and polished one finger with Nicole by OPI “Shoot for the Maroon” and topped it with Seche Vite, and let it dry for 10 minutes (to make sure all of the layers were dry)

Step 2 – I cut a ton of strips of nail striping tape, and then firmly applied them to each finger nail.


Step 3 – with a piece of sponge, and a puddle of “Shoot for the Maroon” I dabbed the sponge in the polish and sponged gently onto the “Stardust” nails – until I was pleased with how much I had applied.  Then did the same with the “Shoot for the Maroon” nail, but used a gold polish to sponge on instead.




Step 4 – Gently peel off striping tape – one piece at a time.




Step 5 – clean off the polish from skin and cuticles and add top coat.

The final result!!





Scotch Tape Manicure

My first real try at more than one line 🙂  I’ve done one strip of tape diagonally, but this was a little different.  After the gold glitter (China Glaze Blonde Bombshell) I taped off the tips (french manicure style) and painted them black.

I wasn’t happy with that (my nails are still too short 😦 ) so, after the Seche topcoat dried, I taped again diagonally painting on more black polish.  Added more Seche, and tadah!  I think it looks pretty good, and is definitely something I will continue practicing – I would love to perfect this technique!  The scotch tape mani!

Check out this blog – some really fantastic scotch tape manicures 🙂

And here are mine!

Icky Fish Eggs…My Attempt At Caviar Manicure

The less said the better.  I had very nice intentions….a deep navy blue polish, with holo glitter polish on the tips.  And then I decided to get creative.  I had these tiny beads, that came with some nail art kit purchased some time ago.  Why would I choose now to try them out, and why wouldn’t I consult with a tutorial or something?….I don’t know.  I just don’t know…..

But, if I didn’t like caviar before, I like it even less now 🙂


I will admit that I have seen this type of manicure look very good on others….just not me….and not EVER again!  Icky!

Holo with Glitter? I’m in love!

With my stubby little nails still growing to a decent length, I thought I would dig into my mani photo archives and post this lost gem 🙂

Unfortunately, I didn’t make note of the colors I used.  Basically, I used a blue holographic base color, then taped a “V” shape and painted on the glitter polish.  After adding the topcoat, I stuck on a couple of colored gems, and voila!!

I like this one, quite a bit actually.  Wonder why I never posted it?  Oh well!!  Enjoy your Sunday!!