Nicole by OPI – You’re an Angel

Nicole by OPI – You’re an Angel

Pink really isn’t a color that goes along with my personality, but I couldn’t resist.  This polish had a certain je ne sais quoi that attracted me to it.  Maybe it was the ever so slight shimmer with a touch of gold, or maybe I was just feeling girly 🙂

Either way – it came home with me.  Also, it didn’t hurt that my local drug store was selling off a huge chunk of their Nicole by OPI polishes for 75% off 😉

This mani was inspired by a multitude of manicures from this blog here.  She is so good with her scotch tape manicures, that it actually looks easy.  Unfortunately.  It’s not.  Time and time again, I try different designs with tape, but I just can’t get a smooth line.  It’s so frustrating!!

Here’s my try 🙂 :





As much fun as I had with the challenge…’s nice to be back on my own schedule.

The links for the participants themed manicures are still up for viewing, if anyone wants to take a peak at some awesome creations.  To the right is a link to the Pre Spring Challenge, and you will find each days entries linked there.

Day 2 Pre Spring Challenge – PINK!!

I had a major FAIL on this one, but I have my submission 🙂

Please don’t make too much fun of my second set of photos where I topped the pink with the Black Spotted.  Don’t get me wrong – the black spotted was truly a wonderful amazing polish, especially compared to Layla Bubbly Effect.  But, I added a black shredded glitter to my ring finger – that was the FAIL. 😦



So, here is where I got a little too excited about adding the Black Spotted…..

My thought was, since the spotted polish will make my nails black with pink spots, I wanted just one nail that was pink with black spots.  But instead of a scoop of small black round glitters, I scooped shreds instead by mistake.

Oh!  And that’s not the only thing!  LOL I had a fuzzy warm PJ’s on while doing my nails, and ended up getting fluff strings attached to my mani.  I tried to edit those out as best I could.


And just for the heck of it, since I had already messed with this mani so much....I added a matte top coat to see how that would look.

And just for the heck of it, since I had already messed with this mani so much….I added a matte top coat to see how that would look.


Seche Collage Overlay & Nfu Oh JS16 Swatches/Review

First order of business here…I ORDERED MYSELF 2 LAYLA BUBBLY EFFECT POLISHES!!!! Yay!

My favorite Canadian online polish shop Nail Polish Canada has just (as of yesterday I think) started carrying a selection of the bubbly effect line.  And, I happened to have another giftcard from santa – so, FINALLY I am getting these polishes I have been waiting months for!  I promise to swatch/review and post as soon as they arrive!

Onto the reason for this post….apparently, Seche has polishes….I was aware of their topcoats, basecoats, treatments…..but, when I saw this polish by Seche – my first thought was “ohhh pretty….sparkles” second thought was..”$7.99?  not bad – must have” 🙂

So here we go!


IMG_3674IMG_3676I don’t know what my thing with the “Bieb’s” is these days…but I really like his blue “Baby Blue” from Nicole by Opi.  And that is what Seche’s “Collage Overlay” is layered over.

Chunky glitter is always hard to work with, and because of the thick nature of Seche’s formula – it made a bit of a lumpy mess.  It’s worth the work though – and I think if I were a bit more patient, it could have looked cleaner.

IMG_3678After seeing the results if the Bieber/Seche combo – I decided it needed more.  So, I made a jelly sandwich!  (I really can’t type that without feeling silly 🙂 )

The pale blue Nfu Oh JS 16, topped it off perfectly.

I don’t have a lot to say about Nfu Oh, because they can do no wrong in my eyes 🙂   Their blue jelly polish is as good as any of the their other polishes I have tried.  Smooth application, no streaking.

IMG_3677It isn’t the cleanest mani I have done, but you can see what the results could have been – had I been a bit more patient 😉


Hope you enjoyed 🙂  Have a great Thursday!

Don’t forget to visit Nail Polish Canada!  They have a lot of great polishes, and ship internationally.

Mariah Carey Liquid Sand Collection Swatches

(Photos from Nail Chronicles – thank you!  Please check out her full post here)


Cant Let Go


Get Your Number



Stay The Night


The Impossible

Nail Chronicles is another great blog to add to your reading list, if you haven’t already – check it out!


ANOTHER Selena Gomez polish!?! (Swatches and Review) Confetti Fun

Glad to be back posting!  I hope everyone enjoyed their festivities 🙂

Onto the good stuff!  While Santa didn’t actually get these for me for Christmas – he did give me gift cards that purchased them 🙂

More money into the already fat wallets of OPI and Selena Gomez!  What can you do?The polishes are so pretty!!!

A reverse accent nail with Nails Inc. “Cheyne Walk” as the base.  This polish is a Mirror Metallic (that’s what the bottle says) duo chrome  purple/pink/gold color shifts.  Great application, but a bit sheer.  It took 3 coats to get to opaque.


I used a matte topcoat, so unfortunately the color shifting doesn’t show – but it does look really pretty, almost satin like.



“Confetti Fun” is almost identical to another OPI I have called “Rainbow in the S-Kylie” (must be one of the kardashian’s).  Possibly, the only slight difference is the glitter pieces might be smaller in “Confetti Fun”.


It’s a fun effects top coat, and with so many colors, you could use just about any base color you want.  Application is great – a generous amount of glitter with each dip and it goes on without the glitter clumping up.



Both polishes were really nice, and the only thing I would add is: if you have “Rainbow in the S-Kylie” – don’t bother buying “Confetti Fun”.  There just isn’t enough difference to tell them apart.

Have a great night!!

Selena Gomez, Justin Beiber and Modern Family…..? I thought I was writing a nail polish blog??!

Wow, everyone is getting in on the nail polish branding collaborations  – aren’t they?  Mariah Carey has been the big new lately, I assume because her “collaboration” includes that new “sand polish”…and I’ve seen Justin Beiber’s polishes in the drug store (dude? seriously?)….BUT Selena Gomez and Modern Family?  Huh?

But, damn if I didn’t find these fantastic polishes in their respective collections and added a little bit more cash in their big fat wallets 🙂

Anyways….:)  All of these polishes are Nicole by Opi.

Selena Gomez “Sweet Dreams”

Modern Family “Haley Good Lookin'”

Justin Beiber “Baby” Blue”


“Baby” Blue was just used as a base color, but I felt the need to put the Justin and Selena polishes in the same manicure 🙂 LOL  The other base colors were Wet n Wild Black Creme,  Zoya Purity and then one nail with no polish base – just the glitter as full coverage.














So, the Selena Gomez “Sweet Dreams” has a mixture small and medium  glitter in silver dark blue, light blue, silver and and some colors I can’t quite figure out.

I prefer seeing it over a color (it really does look nice over the blue Justin Beiber, even though I really did the two colors together jokingly :)).  But, it has enough glitter to do full coverage without a base color – it takes 2-3 coats.


















In this photo, you can see my thumb is polished with only the glitter, no base color.  This is 3 coats, plus a layer of Seche topcoat.

















The next few photos are of the Modern Family “Haley Good Lookin'” glitter polish.

The only way I can describe the color is, a pinkish/dark peachy 🙂  All of the glitter is the same color.  The largest glitter pieces (which are a medium hex) have a hint of holographic shine, and the rest of the glitter are tiny hex pieces in the same color without the holographic shine.



IMG_3627This photo shows 2 coats over black (first 2 fingers), white (ring finger) and 3 coats on my pinky without a base color.  Application is smooth and glitter goes on evenly, but it takes a few coats to build up the glitter, if you like the bling! (like I do!)


Final thoughts on these polishes….as much as I think the idea of Selena Gomez, Justin Beiber and Modern Family having nail polish collections is ridiculous ….these two polishes – especially for a glitter fan like myself – are a great addition to add to my own collection.    Have a fantastic weekend!  And Happy Holidays!!