Facebook Contest! Submit Your Nail Art / Design (Open Internationally)

In honor of the  Mommy Loves Nail Polish Facebook page hitting 100 “Like”s , I have launched a simple contest, with amazing prizes!

Nail Polish Canada has generously donated a 25 plate Bundle Monster Collection 2012 Edition  along with the handy dandy Nail Stamping Plate Zipper Leather Case Organizer by Bundle Monster.

25 Plate Stamping Collection from Bundle Monster

Nail Stamping Plate Zipper Leather Case Organizer by Bundle Monster

That sounds like a pretty awesome prize, right?  Well, here’s some other items available to win:


Other prizes will be: various nail art supplies, and beautiful indie polishes.

So, let the contest begin!  Create something fantastic on your nails and upload it to the Mommy Loves Nail Polish Facebook page.  OR check back into your photos of previous awesome manicures you’ve done  – upload one of  them!  Either way is fine by me  😉

Here is the link to Mommy Loves Nail Polish Facebook page.

And this is how the contest will go:

Mommy Loves Nail Polish
100 Likes Contest

Between February 9th and March 1st (midnight EST)- submit a photo of your best nail art/design.

Upload your image to the Mommy Loves Nail Polish Facebook page (or email it to to me – check the “about.me” link on the right sidebar for my email address), mentioning that this is your submission to the contest, and your name ….. (anything rude will immediately be deleted and photo removed)

  • A Photo Album will be created for viewing (and voting for) the contest submissions.  I will be able to add your photos to that album once you have uploaded or emailed the photo.
  • For One Week (March 2 midnight EST- March 8midnight EST) after the last submission date (March 1), your photos can be voted for.
  • Each “Like” between March 2 midnight EST- March 8midnight EST will be counted as a vote.
  • Any “Like”s prior to that date will not be counted.

Winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd) will be decided by the amount of “Like”s each photo has,  decided by 3 unbiased judges from the top “Liked” submissions.

(Once voting is “closed” winners will be notified via Facebook or email within 48 hours, and officially announced once I have contacted them. )

Pass on the word!  The more contestants, the more challenging and creative you will have to be! (and I know you are!)


Feel free to leave a comment, or ask any questions about the contest, below 🙂  I will respond within 24 hours (probably sooner)

Day 3 Pre Spring Challenge GREEN

Next to blue, green is my favorite color when it comes to polish!  So, yipee for day 3 !!

While I didn’t get very creative with this mani, I did use some pretty awesome polishes.  A different one for each nail 🙂

  • ThumbGreen Metallic Striping Tape
  • PointerZoya Fleck Effect Green
  • MiddleOrly Monster Mash Glitter
  • RingNubar Reclaim
  • PinkyJulep Green Shimmer (Cindy)






Orly – Total Eclipse of The Heart

Kismet….no other explanation for it!  I have never seen this particular Orly in any store I have ever visited.  Color Blast “Total Eclipse of The Heart” .  It was being discontinued, and I got it (full 15ml bottle!) for $2.75 ($2.70USD)

The pictures are the best part, so I will continue on with those.  (and also…I can’t find any information anywhere about this polish!)

This a multichrome polish, so in each photo I have tried to capture a different color it shifts into.




Hmph!  I am looking at these photos on my computer screen, and you can barely tell there is any change at all.  Bummer.  I wish I could figure out a setting on my camera where I can get more details.  Macro mode is great, but it seems to flatten the colors in the image.

Has anyone else had success photographing true colors of  polish (mainly glitter, holographic and duo/multi chromes).   Do you have any pointers for me?


Have a nifty day everyone!  😉

Quo by Orly – Celestial Star

I’d like to start with a little bit of an apology for not being as consistent with the amount of posts I am used to normally doing, and the amount that will be lacking in the next few weeks.

Coming up, at the end of January or early February – I will be starting, what I am naming my “Indie Polish Blogathon” 🙂

Each day will feature a different indie brand, and a selection of their polishes (info and swatches).  I am getting a bit overwhelmed (and totally excited) about the actual amount of polishes that I have to swatch!  (you know how much glitter indies usually have??  I love it!!! But it’s brutal on wee little fingers and nails!!!)

But anyways – c’est la vie  – and this is not the only exciting thing coming up – but I will save that for another post 😉

On to the polish of the day!!

Orly’s Celestial Star

Very similar, in idea, to Turquoise Moonlight that I posted about a few days ago.  But this is more of a, sometimes royal blue, sometimes purple with a teeny bit of gold, micro glitter polish.  Unfortunately, I found it exceptionally difficult to capture the multi color changes and real beauty of this polish.  What do you think?


Time for bed!  Thanks for reading!


Quo by Orly – Turquoise Moonlight Review/Swatches

Oh, how I wish I could figure out the settings on my camera so I could show the true beauty of this polish!!!  🙂

Obviously, it is a turquoise, but it also shifts to gold – and catches the light (sunlight and indoors) like no polish (aside from a holo) I’ve seen.  With one coat, it can be used as a topcoat, as it is quite sheer – but in the photos, I have 3 coats, and it seems fully opaque to me 🙂

The only issue I have with this polish is, the color of the polish comes from glitter….teensy weensy little glitter that spreads all over your fingers when removing it.  A small complaint, and a little scrubbing will remove it after a few washes.

This polish was purchased for $7.99 ($10 when not on sale 😉 ) at Shoppers Drug Mart (in Canada)



That’s my boxer Maya, in the background 🙂




















Thanks for checking out my blog!

I really appreciate the love you guys are giving me – I have so much fun blogging, and reading everyone elses blogs.  Can’t wait to see what’s to come in the new year!!






Orly Androgynie Images and Review

Androgynie from Orly’s 2011 Holiday Soireé Collection

Interesting, confusing, kind of pretty…..I just don’t know what words to use for this polish???  The name seems quite fitting.  A little of this, a little of that, and in the end – I’m still not quite sure how to describe what I’m looking at.

The black jelly has a fine golden dust floating around – so, it can take on a brownish look, in certain light.  There are small holographic glitter pieces, and larger green, turquoise, copper and gold hex glitter suspended in the polish – so when you see it in the bottle, it looks quite spectacular.

But once applied, it is a whole different polish.  Not a bad polish – but not what you see when you look at the bottle.

In any case, of course I have included photos – so you can see for yourselves 🙂

Is it just me?  Or is the polish in the bottle a whole lot different than what is on my nails?

Have a beautiful day!!