Revlon Girly Review / Photos

Another interesting, pretty, glittery polish from Revlon!  They have stepped up their game 🙂

This polish is from their most recent 2013 release.  I have a couple of others from the new collection, but I’ll start with this one.

Girly, is a pale pink/lilac milky base, with a ton of various colors and sizes of hex glitter.  It is extremely sheer, so I wore a pale pink creme polish as a base before applying Girly.

As with most glitter polishes, I had to do a little rearranging of the glitter to space it evenly – so make sure you put a topcoat over whatever base color you choose (if you choose) – so there is a layer protecting the color from the glitter.  The glitter might mush up the base color while spreading it around to arrange it – and they will start blending together.

Enough with the chit chat – on to the photos!

IMG_4118 IMG_4114 IMG_4113 IMG_4110


Have a great weekend!!

Revlon Scandalous

Well, well, well…..something on here looks a lot like it belongs to this post from a few weeks ago 😉

Seriously…I am so excited and honored that Nail Polish asked if they could use my swatch, to include in their newsletter’s  Favourite Swatches of the Week. 

Without a doubt, my most, most, most favorite online polish shop.  Probably their free shipping and interesting polish choices, helped push me over the edge……from having a small nail polish hobby, to becoming polish obsessed 🙂

…sigh…. Now that I have that out of my system….


This might be a polish I have swatched before, but I had to bring it out of hibernation – it was calling to me!!  Drugstore brand or not, this Revlon polish is a beauty!  Scandalous is a deep purple glitter, suspended in a grey/black jelly polish.  A cold winter, take off my mittens, and “LOOK AT THOSE NAILS!!” type of polish 😉

Here’s some pics:





Hope everyone checks in with Polish Alcoholic and/or Mommy Loves Nail Polish (ME!! 🙂 ) later today for our announcement!


Have a great weekend!

Revlon Hearts of Gold FX – Swatches / Review

Again, Happy New Year!  I can’t believe I’ve actually posted 3 (as of now) times  already in 2013!

New Years day here is created for hangover recovery, I think.  The only thing open is the drugstore 🙂  I don’t know if that is an international thing, but it sure is here – and when you have a stir crazy 5 year old boy….that’s not good!

So, we went for a drive to the drugstore….and I ended up using one of my giftcards on these 🙂 :


This color is supposed to (in real life – couldn’t capture on camera) a dark army green with teeny green glitter pieces /dust.  Essence Walk on the Wild Side



I came across a new Revlon display that included 2 new glitter top coats – so, knowing me and glitter…one of them had to come home with me.  My son decided I needed gold.  This is Revlon Hearts of Gold FX.


Unfortunately, it was like a lot of other glitters that contain shapes (hearts, stars, moons etc.).  I was lucky to pull out 1-2 each time I dipped the brush, and those lumped on top of each other when I brushed them on.

My thoughts on Hearts of Gold FX – it’s pretty in the bottle….on the shelf…at the store.  Not worth spending precious nail polish money on 🙂   Too bad 😦

Happy New Year!! What’s in store for 2013?

Happy New Year Everyone!!  Hope you had a great and safe (that’s the Mom in me coming out 🙂 ) New Years Eve!

And depending on how you are feeling this morning…the hair of the dog, or aspirin and water and sleep will work 😉

Let me start with my New Years Day mani (because my excitement last night, was spending the evening having a pajama party with hubby and kids watching a Phineas and Ferb marathon)


Ok, I may have forgiven the makers of that Cynthia Rowley nail polish duo – the grainy baby blue (from my reindeer mani) was horrible – but this second polish from the pair totally makes up for it!  A clear topper full of light pink glitter shreds and a little bit of light blue small glitter pieces to fill in the rest.

I love the way it looks over black!  And it only took one coat of Seche to smooth it out.  Very nice.

And….as for what Mommy Loves Nail Polish has in store (so far) for 2013

Upcoming Challenge and Contest

So, Sabrina of Polish Alcoholic and I have been e-chatting – and decided to have a co-challenge/contest.  More details to come…but the idea is, a 14 day pre-spring themed challenge with an Inlinkz submission at the end – where you will submit your favorite nail creation from the challange for a chance to win an awesome prize (details still to be decided).  One winner from North/South America and one winner from Europe and surrounding.

Watch for that!  It will be a lot of fun, and we are picking some fantastic prizes for the winners.  End of January beginning of February, I think (Sabrina?  Is that what we decided?)

Indie Polish Blogathon!

I have been a busy bee, gathering all of my unswatched indie polishes and adding many many more to my collection – and have planned a 2 -3 week blogathon of all indie polishes.

Each day will feature a different polish creator/brand  and swatches of a few of their polishes, and links on how to find them!  Can’t wait!!

I love the uniqueness of indie polishes.  To date, I have approx. 10 – 12 different brands and varying amounts of polishes each, that I will be swatching.  That’s coming up mid-January (depending on when I have all of the polishes and information in hand)

Looking forward to 2013!

Revlon Brilliant Strength “Beguile” and Silly Lily (Indie brand) “Swamp Juice” – Photos/Review


It’s always nice to start a post with a pic, instead of blah, blah, blah 🙂   Now, onto the blah, blah, blah 🙂

Revlon Brilliant Strength is a favorite of mine, when it comes to drugstore polishes.  Here in Canada, they go for about $6-$7 (so, not super cheap, but not too expensive).  My latest Brilliant Strength acquisition is called “Beguile”.

Beguile is a very deep blue with hints of purple and the occasional green (in the right lighting) – very cool.  Application was good – two coats and done – not streaky at all, no bald spots – just like the color in the bottle.





Next, I added a couple of layers of one of the Silly Lily Polishes I received the other day “Swamp Juice“.  The super duper nice thing about this one was…it was free 🙂  Silly Lily has a promotion on, where you receive a bonus with every order placed…and mine was Swamp Juice!

As expected with any polish that has glitter and flitter and other shiney things…it was thick and a little chunky.  But not lumpy.  So, while it was quite thick to apply, there were no problems with smoothing it out after with top coat.

The description of Swamp Juice…I have no idea how to describe it, so right off of the Silly Lily description “Made with blue/green flakies blended with a rusty purple shimmer”.  Yes…that would be how I would describe it, if I had time to think about it 😉  Whatever the description in type – the way it looks over the navy polish is awesome 🙂




And last, but very not least – I added some adorable Christmas stickers from my Bloggers sample pack (go get one!!  They’re free!!) from Viva La Nails.


Have a great weekend!!

Revlon Brilliant Strength swatches

Just a few photos from the archives I forgot I had 🙂


220 Provoke, 030 Intrigue, 120 Tantalize, 110 Hypnotize, 090 Captivate

At the moment, I think that Revlon’s Brilliant Strength line, is probably my favorite quality of “drug store” brand polishes.  In fact, compared to some of my other polishes that are twice the price, the colors, quality and formula of this line is pretty darn good if not better.

The polish goes on opaque in just one coat (making it great as a stamping polish) – two coats just makes the color a little more fantastic 🙂

I wish they had a few other styles of polish (glitters, flakes, shimmers) but what they do have in regular colors is really nice.  In fact, Tantalize (which actually is one of the few shimmery polishes in the line) is my absolute fav – and I bought a second to have, just in case it gets discontinued 🙂

Captivate, Hypnotize,  Tantalize, Intrigue, Provoke.