LAST DAY to enter your nail art! Submit Your Nail Art / Design (Open Internationally)

My apologies for being m.i.a. – there’s too much to explain…I’ll leave it at family obligations.  Hopefully back to the indie blogathon by Monday.

Just a quick note to let you creative and wonderful nail polish lovers out there….today is the last day to enter your submission to my Facebook contest! (links below)

Voting will take place all of next week.  A new untouched (meaning: no “like”s yet) album with all of the submissions will be added for voting.  And at the end of the week, the esteemed panel of judges 😉 will decide 1st, 2nd and 3rd place from the top “like”ed submissions.

The judges:

  • and me 🙂  Louise of Mommy Loves Nail Polish

Facebook Contest!  Submit Your Nail Art / Design (Open Internationally)

…….upload your best nail art by March 1st for a chance to win amazing prizes!!

(check out the above link to see the prizes…..)


(Reminder) Facebook Contest! Submit Your Nail Art / Design (Open Internationally)


Facebook Contest!  Submit Your Nail Art / Design (Open Internationally)

…….upload your best nail art by March 1st for a chance to win prizes!!



ANOTHER contest! Facebook contest launching soon……..LAUNCHING NOW!

Well, The Mommy Loves Nail Polish facebook page hit 100 “Like”s today!

So, let the contest begin!

First, visit the Mommy Loves Nail Polish Facebook page.

Here is how the contest will go:

Mommy Loves Nail Polish
100 Likes Contest

Between February 9th and March 1st – submit a photo of your best nail art/design.

Upload your image to the Mommy Loves Nail Polish timeline, mentioning that this is your submission to the contest, and your name ….. (anything rude will immediately be deleted and photo removed)

  • A Photo Album will be created for viewing the contest submissions.
  • For One Week (March 2 – March 8) after the last submission date, your submissions can be voted for.
  • Any “Like”s prior to that date will not be counted.
  • Each “Like” will be counted as a vote for that nail art.  Please feel free to send your friends over to vote for you!

Winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd) will be decided by the amount of “Like”s each photo has.
Prizes will be awarded, once the participant has been contacted and confirmed.

Pass on the word!  The more contestants, the more challenging and creative you will have to be! (and I know you are!)


NEVER did I imagine that only 4 months after launching a Facebook page, to go along side my blog, would I be on my way to getting 100 LIKES!!

To celebrate….when this page does get to 100 LIKES, I will be launching a contest.  A Nail Art Design contest!

Participants will be able to submit their very best nail art / design / manicure.  Their images will be posted full size on my Facebook page  and voting will ensue 🙂

Check back soon for more details!

Another Raffle!!

Not my raffle….but hey, a giveaway is a giveaway and I was starting to feel left with so many different raffles going on around me!

So, I’m gonna go ahead and promote someone elses raffle 🙂


While on my journey to find new and interesting brands, to include in my upcoming Indies Only! Blogathon – I came across a fellow Canadian indie polish maker – and simply enough, her store goes by the name of “Indie Polish”

And “Indie Polish” is having a raffle.

So, enter, enter, enter!  (check out her shop too – she’s extremely creative.  And as a bonus, use the code in the above image to receive an additional 10% discount)

Giving some love! Polish Alcoholic

My girl Sabrina of Polish Alcoholic – has been such an inspiration and a joy to read her blog (and of course, see her beautiful photos).  So, when I saw this on the Girls Inspired Girls blog – Sabrina was the first person I thought of.
This post will be my entry for her in the G.I.G. give a little love” event.


Hosts of the great event are:

Dee from
Donah from
Liss from


Mommy’s gone M.I.A.! (and a photo editing question)

Hey Everyone!

Hope you guys are all having fun with the challenge!  It’s so much fun to see how everyone is interpreting each theme – it shows how creative yet different we all can be.  Who says nail art, isn’t real art!!!  It certainly is!  🙂

I have been so busy in my real life (opposed to my blog life ;)) that it’s been hard keeping up with my own submissions to the challenge.  Sorry 😦

Question for any amateur or professional photo enthusiasts reading this:  I have been using the trial version of Photoshop Elements 11 for editing (also Photoshop CS6 – but I don’t need all of that) – now, I am at the point I have to buy it or find another editing software.

Is there any OTHER software that is comparable with it’s features, but not as friggin’ expensive? 🙂

Any and all suggestions are welcome!  Thanks!!

Keep up the great job with the challenge my fellow polish freaks!!(as always “freaks” is said lovingly)  I promise I will catch up!