Silly Lily Polish – Black n Red n Matte All Over …Review/Swatches

These Silly Lily polishes I received the other day, are so super cute!  I keeping promising myself I will only try on one a day …… let’s just say – will power is not my strength.   So, here’s another one!!

Black n Red n Matte All Over  polished over Zoya Purity, with a Seche Vite topcoat.


As with any glitter polish with chunky sized glitter, the pieces had to be maneuvered a bit so they didn’t bunch up and overlap too much.  But, the quantity of “stuff” that came out after each brush dip was a perfect amount.

IMG_3510I messed up with my pinky finger….after the first coat, I decided to try for a second, and clearly….this polish does NOT need a second coat.  One coat is just enough to show off what the polish contains, and two coats is overload.



In this (above) photo – you can see what happens when you rush and spread the top coat over too quickly….bubbles.  Take it slow, and brush smoothly towards the tip of the nail.  I was hurrying, and dabbing in places trying to smooth out some bumps showing from the glitter.  Don’t do this 🙂  Two thin layers is better than one thick globby, bubbly layer 🙂


Final say on this particular polish…I love it, I really, really do!  In fact, I have been looking for, and attempting to recreate something almost exactly like this since the summer.

And someday soon, I hope to have more time to give it the manicure it deserves 🙂