Orly Androgynie Images and Review

Androgynie from Orly’s 2011 Holiday Soireé Collection

Interesting, confusing, kind of pretty…..I just don’t know what words to use for this polish???  The name seems quite fitting.  A little of this, a little of that, and in the end – I’m still not quite sure how to describe what I’m looking at.

The black jelly has a fine golden dust floating around – so, it can take on a brownish look, in certain light.  There are small holographic glitter pieces, and larger green, turquoise, copper and gold hex glitter suspended in the polish – so when you see it in the bottle, it looks quite spectacular.

But once applied, it is a whole different polish.  Not a bad polish – but not what you see when you look at the bottle.

In any case, of course I have included photos – so you can see for yourselves 🙂

Is it just me?  Or is the polish in the bottle a whole lot different than what is on my nails?

Have a beautiful day!!

Revlon Scandalous 761 Swatches

Tried and true Revlon.  A drugstore staple for… forever.   I haven’t purchased any Revlon polishes in quite some time – but just recently, a few of them have caught my eye.   In fact, there are 3 that I have purchased, which are in Revlon’s Expressionists Collection.   Scandalous, Popular and Whimsical.

(just a note: these are not new, apparently – I am just not very observant.  They have been on the market since 2011)

This post is the first of 3 posts I will do with images / swatches of those mentioned.  They are really nice!  I can’t help but be shocked every time I say that 🙂  I mean, Revlon is great for the standard reds, pinks, etc. – but nothing really interesting (in my opinion) – these 3 are unique for Revlon.  That would be really great if they started adding more funky polishes – because the price certainly is right.
On with the show!!

Scandalous!  scanDAlous!!! I really like saying that…

As you can see, it is a dark base colour, with a purple mix of small glitter and larger hex glitter.

When applied, the first coat goes on with a decent amount of glitter, and the base colour is kind of a sheer black jelly

But, once a 3rd coat is applied with a nice thick top coat – it looks exactly like the colour in the bottle.


That’s about it for SCANDALOUS.  I will add the other two as soon as I have a chance.  They are super nice!  Creamy light blue with glitter, and creamy soft pink with glitter.  Love, love, love!


Cheers all !