Indies Only! Blogathon – Today’s Feature Brand “Black Sheep Lacquer”

Brand Name: Black Sheep Lacquer (formerly known as  Funkblend)

Owner/Creator: Erin Karaim

Located: Abbotsford, BC (British Columbia, Canada)

Est. Date: Jan 2013

Where to purchase this brand:

Price range:

  • Small (5ml) $3.50-4.00
  • Full (15ml) $8.00-9.00

COUPON CODE:  takeitoff (15% off order)

Where will they ship to:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Europe
  • Everywhere else- just ask!.

Contact email:

Twitter: @funkblend


Mini Bio

I’ve been wearing nail polish pretty much every day for the last 20 or so years. I’ve been creating my own “frankens” without even realizing it was a thing, I just did it out of necessity. Then one day i went to buy soap making supplies, and there it was, the most amazing, beautiful, heart stopping thing I’d ever seen… NAIL POLISH BASE!  In a big bottle, just waiting to be messed with. I picked it up, along with a buttload of mica and various glitter, and there funkblend was born. Then I discovered etsy, and found I could share my creations with an entire community of like-minded polish addicts! I spend much more money on supplies on etsy than I could ever make, but I get so much enjoyment out of my creations, I’d almost do it for free! I love the planning process, the mixing and experimenting, and not everything makes it to production. I have a large reject pile that I either save for further experiments, give away to friends, or I simply dump out and start over.

My fingers are constantly different colours on a daily basis as of late, I have fake nails I test on, but nothing beats a good daily wear on real nails to test a polish. If a polish doesn’t past the wear test, back to the drawing board it goes. I’ll often tweak a formula after wearing it for a day, sometimes the shade is a bit off of what I wanted, or the glitter lays funky and needs some rework. It’s a fun process, it satisfies the scientist that lives deep inside my brain. I have a fairly uncreative desk job by day and this gives me an outlet to do what I really like to do, mess with colour and make pretty things. 🙂


Erin sent me these polishes when she was still getting herself settled into her store and finding that perfect name for her brand….so, I must admit to not knowing *for sure* the names of the polishes she sent me, so I hope she makes correction comments if I name any of them wrong 🙂


Though I will never ever get bored with glitter polishes, I do love the great combinations of iridescent or color shifting polishes that indie makers come up with.  Black Sheep Lacquer is the place to go for those!

But as I said, I will never get bored of glitter, so here is one the few she carries in her line 🙂

Into The Void





This is an amazing mix of colored glitters.  I actually think there are only 3 colors, but I just LOVE the way the brown and blue go together!  It isn’t a full coverage glitter polish, but there is enough glitter to give a nice amount of glitter in just one coat.


Alright, so I mentioned that Black Sheep Lacquer isn’t big with their glitter polishes…..No wonder!  Erin creates some of the nicest looking “non glitter” polishes I have come across!  And here is one of them:

Ride the Lightening


Doesn’t that look like it’s almost glowing!?!?



Here is a color shifting polish from her collection.  Love this name!

Metal Badass





You can’t imagine the amount of  photos I took in attempt to show the color shifts.  It looks nice in these photos, but it’s soooo stunning in person.


Last, and certainly not least – a silvery metallic purple.

Happy Goth



Really, it’s a one coater, but I did two just to be sure I had my entire nail coated.  Fantastic smooth application.


Black Sheep Lacquer is adding new fantastic polishes regularly, and already has a great selection – so check it out!   And don’t forget the discount code takeitoff