Quo by Orly – Celestial Star

I’d like to start with a little bit of an apology for not being as consistent with the amount of posts I am used to normally doing, and the amount that will be lacking in the next few weeks.

Coming up, at the end of January or early February – I will be starting, what I am naming my “Indie Polish Blogathon” 🙂

Each day will feature a different indie brand, and a selection of their polishes (info and swatches).  I am getting a bit overwhelmed (and totally excited) about the actual amount of polishes that I have to swatch!  (you know how much glitter indies usually have??  I love it!!! But it’s brutal on wee little fingers and nails!!!)

But anyways – c’est la vie  – and this is not the only exciting thing coming up – but I will save that for another post 😉

On to the polish of the day!!

Orly’s Celestial Star

Very similar, in idea, to Turquoise Moonlight that I posted about a few days ago.  But this is more of a, sometimes royal blue, sometimes purple with a teeny bit of gold, micro glitter polish.  Unfortunately, I found it exceptionally difficult to capture the multi color changes and real beauty of this polish.  What do you think?


Time for bed!  Thanks for reading!