China Glaze Glitz-Bitz ‘N Pieces Collection (repost from Swatch & Learn…link in post)

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New Release for China Glaze in February 2013!! China Glaze Glitz-Bitz ‘N Pieces Collection

There are 6 shades in the China Glaze Glitz-Bitz ‘n Pieces Collection:

  • Mosaic Madness
  • Glitz ‘N Pieces
  • Bling It On
  • Scattered & Tattered
  • Graffiti Glitter
  • Razzle Me, Dazzle Me

Mosaic Madness—Deep blue glitter with black Bitz ’N Pieces


Glitz ’N Pieces—Chunky silver glitter with black Bitz ’N Pieces

Bling it On—Royal Purple glitter with black Bitz ’N Pieces


Scattered & Tattered—Luscious Red glitter with black Bitz ’N Pieces

Graffiti Glitter— Bold emerald green glitter with black Bitz ’N Pieces

Razzle Me, Dazzle Me—Pink glitter with black Bitz ’N Pieces


The above images are all from this amazing website Swatch and Learn – please go check the original post for full details!!


Day 1 – December Advent Calendar Nail Challenge

 December Advent Calendar Nail Challenge 2012


Day 1 – I am excited!!!   Ask me this on day 15, and you may have a different response 🙂


Day One`s theme is: RED


The polishes I used:  Wet n Wild Black Creme (which didn`t show up anyways, oh well :))   Orly`s Devil May Care (2 coats for full coverage) and 2 layers of China Glaze Blonde Bombshell striped down the middle of my ringer finger.




China Glaze “Optical Illusion” with my glitter removal technique.

China Glaze “Optical Illusion” from their Prismatic collection.

This is one of those incredibly beautiful polishes, that I would normally use once and then stare at it longingly after that, because it is such a pain to remove!

It is ALL glitter!  And, I LOOOVE glitter – but, if I hadn’t started using a special base when I polish with glitters – this would just be another “one time use” polish… sparkling on my bathroom counter 😦

So, I know that everyone and their mother’s, mother has heard of using a glue base prior to applying glitter polish – but for those who haven’t, or those who haven’t seen exactly how it works – I have included my removal routine 🙂

And in the words of Julie Chen (you US Big Brother fans know what I mean)  “But First….” 🙂  here are some pictures of the mani!

I couldn’t decide what base to use for “Optical Illusion”, so I tested 3 colors.  All by Finger Paints… Tiffany Imposter, Don’t Make a Scene and Be A Pal-ette.  The purple “Be A Pal-ette” was what I chose 🙂

My arsenal for this mani.  Left to right:  Seche Vite topcoat, Optical Illusion polish, Be A Pal-ette polish, glue base, Gelous nail gel coat (not used in that order ;))

Pardon the above pictures – I was trying my best to show the the various glitter colors, sizes and glitter’iness.

As it turns out – it didn’t need a base color at all!  Completely opaque in 2 coats.  It is B.E.A UUUtiful!! (what movie is that from?  Some Jim Carrey movie, I think)

And, after approximately a 24 hour wear, and one shower later – the polish still looked amazing!  But, I was ready for a new polish – so here comes the removal photos:

The basic idea is, take regular white school glue and fill up an empty polish bottle.  Prior to any glitter polish use, apply glue as the base, just as you would a regular base.

Starting the removal, I use a rubber cuticle pusher to nudge a corner of the polish until it starts to pull up.

Gently continue to push the polish that is coming off easily (if it is difficult, don’t force it – just use polish remover later)

Pardon my nasty yellow nails – I am doing an experiment on yellow removal that I will post the photos of later 😉

Keep gently pushing off polish until it is falling off.

If you have applied enough glue, you should be able to remove just about all of the glitter polish – but you may have teeny bits and pieces left on.  A bristle nail scrubber usually takes the rest off.

All done!!

(again…please don`t be grossed out by my yellow nails!!  I promise, I am working on fixing this problem :))