Reverse Holo Moon Mani

My attempt at a reverse moon / half moon (not sure the official name 🙂 )

The polishes I used are Jade’s Hypnose for the “moon” and Color Club’s Revvvolution on the rest of the nail.




I just love a good holographic polish 🙂


Enjoy your day!!

Color Club Scented Ho Ho Holly – Reveiw and Photos

My posts seems to be coming in twos!  I rarely have a chance to get nice manicures done these days, with a pre-toddler on the run…crawl…walk (a little of all of those).  So, when I do – I take a ton of photos (of my nails…. well, and the kid too :)).  But then, I don`t have a chance to edit them and upload them to post them .

What I have figured out is, my little one naps for just long enough that I can crop and add a watermark to about 8 or 9 photos, as long as they are already uploaded from my camera to my laptop.  And I have already drafted posts  – so I can just add the photos and posts.  And that ends up being 2 posts at a time it seems 🙂

Ack!  I can hear her waking up!!!  This posts wasn`t pre drafted, so here come some photos without any description  – sorry!  Quick comment about the polish.  It has great application.  The color is fantastic and brilliant.  The smell is kind  of nice – but weird that my fingers smell.





Manicure Mishap

The weirdest thing happened this morning to my manicure.

Last night, I gave myself a manicure with Color Club Revvvolution, and Orly Devil May Care.  And, if you follow my blog – you will know that I am NEVER without a basecoat anymore – so I used Yellow Stopper by ACI.

I did the manicure, applied the topcoat, cleaned around the edges and had them all photo ready for the next morning (I can’t do nail stuff until my son is at school or asleep).

After dropping him off at school, and bringing in the baby all snuggled in her car seat (it is soooo cold here today!) – as I started lifting her out, something fell to the floor, and guess what I found…

I don’t wear false nails, so this was one of my fingernails manicure!!  It must not have like it…

This actually happened one other time, but that was with a 2 layer glue base with layers of glitter and layers of Seche (it was thick!)

This was just weird, and for some reason, kind of icky to me 🙂  But, just for fun I still took photos, and even placed the piece that fell off, back on.


You can see in the photo, that chipping is already happening – so, I don’t know to blame the Yellow Stopper, or the nail polish as they were both first time uses.

Oh well, I just thought I would share this odd story.  Thank goodness it didn’t fall into my daughters reach….she is at the stage where EVERYTHING goes into her mouth (her favorite…dog kibble…so gross)

Enjoy your day!!

Nubar Hyacinth Sparkle with Color Club Fashion Addict (and NO smurf nails!!!)


Slowly, but surely, my blue smurfy nails are fading – but my cuticles are taking a beating!!  Lemon juice, toothpaste, acetone, denture soak…maybe I should just leave them to grow out 🙂  It’s more important my cuticles don’t dry up and start cracking.  And I tried, but only got to about 13 hours without polish….so that’s not happening…


And speaking of polish!!!  Ohhh I love this combination of polishes!!

After a billion coats of a strengthening base coat… I used Color Club’s Fashion Addict (2 coats) and taped off my nail about 1/2 way, and used Nubar’s Hyacinth Sparkle:


Princess Costume for my nails


My nails told me that they wanted to dress up as princess nails this Halloween 🙂

Do you like their costume?



The base is Color Club Holo “Fashion Addict”.  Then flat-back rhinestone and pearl beads as their “crown.



This was my first use if this nail polish – Color Club Holographic “Fashion Addict”.  Here is a mini review 🙂  Very pretty girly color.  Thin consistency, but good coverage (this is 2 coats).  Dries fairly quickly.  These photos were taken without any base or topcoat – so it shows the nice soft brushed look it has after drying.  No bald spots or pulling when applying.


I love it!!


Here are some photos without the jewellery: