Indies Only! Blogathon – Today’s Feature Brand “Sinister Benediction”

Brand Name: Sinister Benediction

Owner/Creator: Cherie Benoit

Located: Texas, USA

Est. Date:  October 31, 2012

Where to purchase this brand:

Price range:

  • Small (5ml) $3 to $5 each, sold in sets
  • Full (15ml) $9 to $15

COUPON CODE:  BLOGATHON for 15% off polish, expires March 17, 2013

Where will they ship to:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • most other countries – please inquire

Contact email:

Mini Bio

I’m new to the world of nail polish. If I had bothered to look, I would’ve learned that it comes in every possible color now, not just the pinks and reds I remember from childhood.

As an art undergrad who became a burned-out computer jockey, I missed making physical things. I pondered selling crafts for a long while but waffled on what to pursue. When I learned of indie polish, it instantly appealed to me.

Onto the pictures!

Every one of the polishes that i received from Cherie was extremely appealing.  The application was beautiful and smooth – no need for a top coat.  The drying time was quick, but no so quick that there was shrinking.  And they were all duo or multi chromes – which is a big plus for me!  I loooove color shifting polish, just about as much as I love glitter…..and I LOVE glitter! 🙂


So, the picture I have shown first – just my nails polished with a peachy colored polish -it’s the color my nails were polished as a base to the first of the Sinister Benediction polishes:

Purple Moon





Aqua Illusion

The next polish shifts from brown to purple to green, and is very hard to show it’s dramatic shifting on camera – but trust me….AMAZING!IMG_4828


IMG_4824 IMG_4830



Last, but not least at all – is a polish that shifts from a navy to bright blue, to a purply pink and a hint of gold if the light hits it *just so*.  This one is my favorite of the 3 🙂

Horse Feathers





Told ya, didn’t I ?!?!  😉  Awesome!

Sinister Benediction may be a newer store, but I have no doubt that with Cherie’s talent for creating eye catching unique polishes – we’ll be seeing Sinister Benediction polishes a lot in the world of indie polishes.

Be sure to visit and check out Cherie’s polish creations! 

Cherie will be setting her shop to “vacation mode” at the end of March, so she can fully enjoy all the joys of moving 😉 So, if you see anything you like, best order it now (and use the discount code!)…..because as most of us know, getting back into the swing of things after a move can be challenging (to say the least) and she isn’t sure how long she will need before reopening her etsy shop.

Orly – Total Eclipse of The Heart

Kismet….no other explanation for it!  I have never seen this particular Orly in any store I have ever visited.  Color Blast “Total Eclipse of The Heart” .  It was being discontinued, and I got it (full 15ml bottle!) for $2.75 ($2.70USD)

The pictures are the best part, so I will continue on with those.  (and also…I can’t find any information anywhere about this polish!)

This a multichrome polish, so in each photo I have tried to capture a different color it shifts into.




Hmph!  I am looking at these photos on my computer screen, and you can barely tell there is any change at all.  Bummer.  I wish I could figure out a setting on my camera where I can get more details.  Macro mode is great, but it seems to flatten the colors in the image.

Has anyone else had success photographing true colors of  polish (mainly glitter, holographic and duo/multi chromes).   Do you have any pointers for me?


Have a nifty day everyone!  😉