Revlon Hearts of Gold FX – Swatches / Review

Again, Happy New Year!  I can’t believe I’ve actually posted 3 (as of now) times  already in 2013!

New Years day here is created for hangover recovery, I think.  The only thing open is the drugstore 🙂  I don’t know if that is an international thing, but it sure is here – and when you have a stir crazy 5 year old boy….that’s not good!

So, we went for a drive to the drugstore….and I ended up using one of my giftcards on these 🙂 :


This color is supposed to (in real life – couldn’t capture on camera) a dark army green with teeny green glitter pieces /dust.  Essence Walk on the Wild Side



I came across a new Revlon display that included 2 new glitter top coats – so, knowing me and glitter…one of them had to come home with me.  My son decided I needed gold.  This is Revlon Hearts of Gold FX.


Unfortunately, it was like a lot of other glitters that contain shapes (hearts, stars, moons etc.).  I was lucky to pull out 1-2 each time I dipped the brush, and those lumped on top of each other when I brushed them on.

My thoughts on Hearts of Gold FX – it’s pretty in the bottle….on the shelf…at the store.  Not worth spending precious nail polish money on 🙂   Too bad 😦