Pink again? What is wrong with me these days???

Yup, still waiting for my little stubs called finger nails to grow a little bit more…in the mean time….from the archives:

The polishes I used for this manicure were:  Nubar “Essence” , topped with Essie Luxeffects “shine of the times”, and a couple of cute fimo flowers 🙂

Maybelline “Blue Blowout” & Revlon “Radiant” Mani / Review


Maybe calling this blog “I love glitter” would have been more appropriate – because….I LOVE GLITTER!!

When I was younger, I had a boyfriend who used to call me a “marketers dream”.  And as long as it is marketed with glitter and sparkles, I suppose he was right 🙂


While traveling through the Walmart makeup area, I spotted a couple of very pretty blue polishes (keep in mind BLUE) – and seeing as they were not super expensive brands, and even less expensive being from Walmart – I grabbed them.

Maybelline Color Show Metallics “Blue Blowout” and Revlon’s 441 “Radiant”

And here is how the manicure turned out!!

Everything I used (including glue base AND Gelous Gel base)



I used the Maybelline Blue Blowout as the base, and Revlon Radiant on top of that.  Except on my ring finger, which was Essence “via airmail” base color, and topped with Zoya “Maisie” flakies.



Revlon Radiant is a nice blue glitter – which I don’t see a lot of.  It has a little bit of silver and green glitter thrown in, but is mainly blue – and it took 3 coats for a full (but not opaque) coverage.  The glitter does go on evenly, but very sparse.


As for Maybelline Blue Blowout….

Remember, I mentioned to keep in mind that this was a BLUE manicure, and that I used 2 different base coats prior to starting with anything else….



Ack!!!   What is going on!!??  Obviously, this has to do with the new Maybelline, because the Revlon did not have any color to it, except the actual glitter pieces.  And the finger I used Essence and Zoya on, is still the original yucky yellow.


So, I used lemon, and toothpaste, and acetone…..


And I still have blue fingernails!!!

At least they aren’t quite as bad as when I first removed the polish, but still…blue?  Most people understand why your fingernails are yellow if you go out without polish (whaaa????) – but with blue…I just look sick.

(my fingers look wet, because I was soaking them in olive oil….the poor things were so dry from the lemon, toothpaste and acetone)


I suppose, my last words on this would be – if you really must use Maybelline’s Blue Blowout (it is a really nice looking polish….sigh…) use as many layers of base coat as you are patient enough for.  MAYBE that will help.  As for my bottle….my son can use it to paint with.

I’ve been Floam’d, and I Love It! (Floam by Nail Venturous review and photos)


Floam by Nail Venturous and sold by Ninja Polish.  ($9 usd)


I have been holding out on trying this one…the images I have seen online looked so amazing, that I wanted to take the time to do it right and give “Floam” the manicure it deserved 🙂



So, after all that – I messed up.  I am so used to putting glitter or other toppers over a black polish, and I was most definitely wrong on that one!  (images below)


Ick!  Ack!  Eww!

I also made the mistake of not putting on a “for glitter polish” base coat.

Whatever this polish is made of, it must be industrial strength, because I cleaned up the same way I normally do (dipping small brush into acetone and cleaning around the edges) – and I was practically scrubbing the excess polish and glitter pieces, and barely got anywhere.  Except a worn down brush and dry cuticles.

Obviously, I did “Floam” no justice, and had to start over.

This time, I put on a “for glitter polish” base coat… then, instead of black, I used a light mint green polish ( Essence “exists on your right”).

I cleaned the up my cuticles, pre Floam, and was VERY careful spreading the Floam on – then topped it off with a very thick coat of Seche Vite (Floam was very grainy, as expected from any polish that contains glitter etc.)

Now, here is the manicure that Floam deserved 🙂




Despite the issues I had originally had (tech support always say 90% of problems are user error…same with manicures :)) – I do really like the way this polish looks.  The little extra effort to get it on smoothly, and the removal – is completely worth it, in my opinion.


Have a great weekend!


Sunday’s Manicure Fall Harvest

LOL  I can’t believe I names my manicure!
It really looked like it needed to be named Fall Harvest though, take a look 🙂 :



And look at the glitter!!  Doesn’t it remind you of hay?  In autumn?    ok, maybe not….still pretty though!


The polishes I used today were:

base – Essense 116 Gorgeous bling bling

glitter polish – Quo by Orly Cheers to you 59346

top coat – Nubar Diamond seal and shine