Frankenpolish Fun!

While waiting for my nails to grow, and have them look pretty when polished… 🙂  I started up again with another polish hobby of mine.  Frankenpolishing!!


I don’t make polish to sell, just for fun.  And I don’t have all of the proper supplies (polish base, glitter base etc.) but I do have a selection of glitters, and cosmetic grade powders…from TKB Trading. (love that store!! I also purchase mini polish bottles and containers from them), and a ton of cheap nail polish I use to make my Frankens with!

There is one polish I have been trying to create for quite some time now, and I just have not had any luck.  The main problem… the glitter I want to add all bleeds.  Therefore, the red adds pink into the polish, the black adds grey – so the end result is poo colored polish with glitter that has no color left on it.
But, just about a month ago, I noticed TKB was carrying the exact glitter I was looking for AND it was specifically SOLVENT RESISTANT!! No bleeding!


Here we go!  The first polish, is the one I have been trying to make for a while now….and the only one I didn’t name….(suggestions welcome :))


The base I used was made from half white polish, half clear.

These polishes I actually named.  They aren’t good names, but they are names 🙂

This one is named: Fudge with Sprinkles

A mixture of approx half and half of this brown duo-tone and opal holographic glitter polish.

I also added a small scoop of holographic glitter, and a small scoop of Gold Dust (off-white with a golden sheen)

The last franken I made, was a glitter polish I like to call: Mermaid Puke  (lol that was fun naming :))

This polish started with an old Essense polish I had – I cant remember the name, but it was about half full of a very pale pink holo glitter.  After I added all of the additional glitter I wanted, I just topped it off with a clear polish.

Also, I need to make note that my cuticles were in AWFUL shape, so as you can see I went a little crazy adding the wording to try and cover how icky they looked 🙂

Hopefully, this extremely photo heavy post didn’t crash your program 🙂  And I also hope you have a fun Cyber Monday!