Ozotic 617 – Blue Holo – Review / Swatches

Ahhhh, sweeeet!!  This polish makes me HAPPY!!

It’s been a while since I’ve had a holo in a different brand of polish.  Ozotic is a brand I have seen, and heard great things about – so I didn’t think twice when my local (meaning Canadian) online store started carrying them, and scooping up a couple.

This holographic polish isn’t a typical holo – it seems to get it’s holographic features from actual glitter pieces, but I don’t think it does.  It’s a very nice smooth application – none of the bumpiness it should have if it was glitter.  So, I’m not sure how it is such a fantastic holo…but it is 🙂

Let’s let the photos do the talking! 🙂


ozotic617-4 ozotic617-3

How refreshing, after the disastrous day I had yesterday with that bubbly polish!

Final Thought:  Love it!  Go buy it!! 😉


You call that a holo? Review / Swatches Kleancolor 138 Holo Orange


Just a quick post, as I only have a few words for this particular polish.

Well, one word.  Meh.


Ok, here’s a few more words.


Kleancolor Nail Lacquer 138 Holo Orange


The polish went on without any application issues.  2 coats and it was opaque.  The color has a very dull sandy finish when dry, so two or even 3 coats of a thick top coat is needed.  Holo – not really.  Maybe if you look really close and squint you can see a bit of a sparkle / holo 🙂


Here are some images:



You can see the bumpy texture here (above) with one thick layer of Seche Vite topcoat.



Final thoughts… umm … not my favorite, but I still think Kleancolor has some other amazing nail lacquer colors 🙂


Holographic or Glitter, what do I love more? Reviews and swatches Layla & Nfu Oh

Oh why, oh why…is it so hard to find a great holographic nail polish that applies beautifully?    Each one I’ve tried always gives me streaking problems, bald spots or some other application issue.  But they are worth it!!!!  I am reviewing my personal favorites.


Nfu Oh polishes, in general, apply smooth with no problems – but their holographic polishes are not so easy.

One layer, without going over more than once is ok – but if you attempt to go over to smooth it a bit or fix a blob (or whatever), the polish that is already on the nail seems to get picked up and dragged by the brush.
So, I’ve found painting the nails in 3 separate strokes (or two if you are skilled) – and then letting the polish dry completely before the next coat will help a lot with the Nfu Oh Holographic polishes.

Here are images of Nfu oh 65 and 61


The Layla Holographic polishes, while not as striking as the Nfu oh holo’s, are beautiful.

The application was nice and smooth, but the formula seems thin.  I used 3 coats on each nail, and still don’t feel I ever got to the colour I see in the bottle.  Still pretty though 🙂

This image is Layla 03 Retro Pink

This next image is Layla 01 Mercury Twilight


And this last Layla polish is 08 Flash Black



And the grande finale !  I still don’t know which is better….Holographic or Glitter, but maybe one of these days I will combine them both into a wicked manicure!



Saturday Manicure Holo Holograpgic call it what you want…cool

I used Layla Holographic Retro Pink, and Nfu oh 65.  Layla polish went on the whole nail as a base – two coats.

After that dried (1-2 min) I used regular scotch tape to cover half of the nail diagonally.  Then covered the exposed nail with the Nfu oh.

1-2 minutes later, I removed the tape and used my nail art silver pen to draw a line across the diagonal line made by the tape removal.
Then topped it with top coat!