My Many Mani’s this weekend

First…what do you think of the new look?  Thought I would try it on for size, just for fun.

Is everything still user/reader friendly?

And next…My many mani’s!

(I had some free time this weekend :))

Number 1 manicure was just an upgrade to the Gosh Holographic Hero I had on.  The dots on top were made with Glitter Girl`s Teal Blue Holo, and Sally Hanson`s Diamond Strength Twist of Lime.



Manicure number 2 was a gold base GOSH 554 Gold, and the drawings were acrylic paint and my fantastic **sarcastic eyeroll**

artistic skills 🙂



Manicure number 3!  This was a layering of the two new Sally Hansen Diamond Strength polishes I picked up.  (first layer) Black Diamonds – which was a charcoal`ish sort of black and holographic sparkles.  Which unfortunately, did not show up at all, once applied.  The next color is Twist of Lime.  It is a really interesting color – I like it a lot.  The bottle makes it looks like an opaque glittery lime green, but once applied, it is a smooth polish with very fine glitter and just a hint of green.



Manicure number 4!  My favorite of them all, was my very first use of Hits Mari Moon MultiGirl Cupcake, I received a while back from Ninja Polish.  The glitter is the perfect amount of all different sizes, and goes on with generous amounts  – very little playing around to position the glitter.  And it took two layers of top coat to make it smooth.




And last, but not least…the polish I am still wearing today……drum roll….Manicure number FIVE!!!  and oldie, but a beauty OPI Kardashian Collection’s Disco Dolls.  Typical full coat glitter polish – very grainy and bumpy – but fantastic.  I could not, for the life of me – figure out the settings on my camera to capture the glitter mix.  It is so pretty!  Mainly gold, but with turquoise, pink and silver (at least) making an appearance.

I am not a fan of the whole Kardashian world domination, but I do like the polish line they are pimping!!

Gosh Special Edition 549 Holographic Hero (re-release of Holographic)


A few photos from my newest holo polish 🙂

Gosh Special Edition 549 Holographic Hero

While I have never really paid too much attention to this line of polishes, (it was positioned as drug store brand here in Canada – only available at Shoppers Drug Mart to my knowledge) – Recently, I have started to grab more and more interesting polishes from them – so now, their display is usually my first stop when I go shopping at Shoppers 🙂
Glad I changed my shopping habits!  I saw a “Special” edition display at the Gosh area, and saw a few really pretty polishes and new sparkle dust…..and THIS!



Apparently, the original “Holographic” had more linear holographic effect – but, since I don’t own that one, I have nothing to compare it too – and thus in love with this “Holographic Hero”   Loooove!



Also, I think that Gosh may only be available in certain countries.  Which ones I’m not sure.  I have seen posts about Gosh in Canada and across the UK – and if it really isn’t available widely in the U.S. (which seems unlikely, but I don’t know) this is the official website, and can probably direct you to a store.


Have a great weekend!