Ozotic 617 – Blue Holo – Review / Swatches

Ahhhh, sweeeet!!  This polish makes me HAPPY!!

It’s been a while since I’ve had a holo in a different brand of polish.  Ozotic is a brand I have seen, and heard great things about – so I didn’t think twice when my local (meaning Canadian) online store started carrying them, and scooping up a couple.

This holographic polish isn’t a typical holo – it seems to get it’s holographic features from actual glitter pieces, but I don’t think it does.  It’s a very nice smooth application – none of the bumpiness it should have if it was glitter.  So, I’m not sure how it is such a fantastic holo…but it is 🙂

Let’s let the photos do the talking! 🙂


ozotic617-4 ozotic617-3

How refreshing, after the disastrous day I had yesterday with that bubbly polish!

Final Thought:  Love it!  Go buy it!! 😉


French Canadian Manicure

🙂  A little lop sided  😉   Just Joking!

I had no idea what to call this.

First, I polished my entire nail with Glitter Gal’s “Green 3D Holo” (green?) and applied those smiley looking stickers (to help make the tips even) for french manicures….but I curved them so they were sort of diagonally across my nail.

Then, the tips were polishes with Orly’s “Sweet Peacock”.

And, polished the entire nail over again with the Glitter Gal Holo.






Subtle, but I’m pleased with it 🙂  But then again, I am please with anything holographic on my nails!

Have a great weekend!

Day 4 – Advent Calendar Nail Challenge

Today, we are doing a SILVER theme!


It’s been a while since I pulled out my Nfu Oh holo polishes for a mani – I had almost forgotten how breathtaking they are.  Really, the best holographic nail polish I own.  This one is NFU 61 (I wonder why they don’t give their polishes names?)


I did actually try and do more then just the silver holographic.  I taped diagonally.and polished with Nfu Oh GS09 Silver holographic glitter….and surprise, surprise – it didn’t show up very well.  D’uh me.




Day 5 Challenge will be:  BLUE


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Nubar Hyacinth Sparkle with Color Club Fashion Addict (and NO smurf nails!!!)


Slowly, but surely, my blue smurfy nails are fading – but my cuticles are taking a beating!!  Lemon juice, toothpaste, acetone, denture soak…maybe I should just leave them to grow out 🙂  It’s more important my cuticles don’t dry up and start cracking.  And I tried, but only got to about 13 hours without polish….so that’s not happening…


And speaking of polish!!!  Ohhh I love this combination of polishes!!

After a billion coats of a strengthening base coat… I used Color Club’s Fashion Addict (2 coats) and taped off my nail about 1/2 way, and used Nubar’s Hyacinth Sparkle:


Do the “Monster Mash”! (by Orly)


Squeee!  What a fun nail polish!

Monster Mash by Orly – one of the Flash Glam FX polishes from their Spellbound collection.



This is the type of polish that catches your eye, and won’t let go.  With holographic green glitters and flicks – you just can’t go wrong.  It has been released in a Halloween collection, but it also seems like a polish to include in a spring collection.
On it’s own, in all honesty – it’s kind of gross looking.  The sheer green polish the glitter is suspended in, is…not attractive.  See for yourself:



But, as suggested on the signage  in the store, as well as the copy on their website – “layer over black to intensify the look!”



MUCH better!! 🙂  Personally, I would not recommend using Monster Mash on it’s own.  It’s definitely the layering type.


I tried it over orange (forgot to take photos) and over black.  They both looked nice, but over the black was pretty spectacular 🙂


My new favorite glitter polish!  What’s yours?




Gosh Special Edition 549 Holographic Hero (re-release of Holographic)


A few photos from my newest holo polish 🙂

Gosh Special Edition 549 Holographic Hero

While I have never really paid too much attention to this line of polishes, (it was positioned as drug store brand here in Canada – only available at Shoppers Drug Mart to my knowledge) – Recently, I have started to grab more and more interesting polishes from them – so now, their display is usually my first stop when I go shopping at Shoppers 🙂
Glad I changed my shopping habits!  I saw a “Special” edition display at the Gosh area, and saw a few really pretty polishes and new sparkle dust…..and THIS!



Apparently, the original “Holographic” had more linear holographic effect – but, since I don’t own that one, I have nothing to compare it too – and thus in love with this “Holographic Hero”   Loooove!



Also, I think that Gosh may only be available in certain countries.  Which ones I’m not sure.  I have seen posts about Gosh in Canada and across the UK – and if it really isn’t available widely in the U.S. (which seems unlikely, but I don’t know) this is the official website, and can probably direct you to a store.


Have a great weekend!