You Call this a Holo? #3 Review and photos: Jade Holographico “Energy” and Viva la Nails water decals

Yes, sort of.

So, we’ll be talking about the new movie Hotel Transylvania………  just kidding!   I didn’t know how to start the post, when the title was so obvious 🙂   Of course, I will be showing photos of Jade “Energy” and water decals!

The words I am typing… are nothing I’d ever thought I would say about a holographic nail polish (except for those “holo’s” from Kleancolor – as if! :)).  This particular shade:  Jade Holographica “Energy” is only “OK” looking.  Sooo SAD!!

Maybe it is just because I don’t love the color, but it doesn’t seem as “holographic” looking as the rest of the actual holo’s I own (Nfu Oh, Jade, Glitter Gal etc.)
As with the other Jade polishes I have, the application is great.  Nice and smooth, great consistency, 2 coats for opacity.  And just a little bit longer drying time if you don’t use a quick dry top coat.

You decide:

Some photos with water decals from Viva La Nails UK.

Recently, I discovered an amazing online nail art supply store (Viva La Nails UK) and purchased a bunch of glitters and other supplies – which one was a free sample pack of nail stickers and water decals for bloggers, youtubers etc to review : Viva La Nails Product Sample Pack (£12 VALUE)
What can I say?  These water decals went on smoothly, within seconds of placing the decal and applying the wet paper towel piece (my first time trying water decals) and looked great.  Thumbs up!

Final thoughts on Jade Holographica Energy.  It makes me sad 😦

That photo was after angling my hand/fingers in a ton of different poses, and taking photos of each – trying to see the holo.
It shouldn’t be that difficult to see the awesomeness of a holographic polish.  Oh well.

Bubble, bubble…polish and trouble.


I’m running out of things to call my posts…. as you can see 🙂


Proudly, I would like to announce the latest holographic polish purchase, added to my collection.

Introducing,  JADE Holografico “Magia”.  It is just as good, if not possibly better than the Nfu Oh holographic’s.  Really fantastic smooth consistency, and brilliant holo with just one coat (although I’ve done 2 here).


The reason for the introduction is,  that this is the base polish for tonight’s manicure.


What I saw in my mind, while thinking of what to do to my nails was ,pools of green with bubbles coming out/up from them.
What turned out, was this:



They kind of look like a weird version of when I do strawberries on my nails.  The middle finger got mushed, and I still had a small puddle of green polish left from doing the dots – so, I tried the spun sugar (that’s what it is called, right?) technique.  It worked, kind of.


More pics!




bonne nuit mes amis!