Revlon Scandalous

Well, well, well…..something on here looks a lot like it belongs to this post from a few weeks ago 😉

Seriously…I am so excited and honored that Nail Polish asked if they could use my swatch, to include in their newsletter’s  Favourite Swatches of the Week. 

Without a doubt, my most, most, most favorite online polish shop.  Probably their free shipping and interesting polish choices, helped push me over the edge……from having a small nail polish hobby, to becoming polish obsessed 🙂

…sigh…. Now that I have that out of my system….


This might be a polish I have swatched before, but I had to bring it out of hibernation – it was calling to me!!  Drugstore brand or not, this Revlon polish is a beauty!  Scandalous is a deep purple glitter, suspended in a grey/black jelly polish.  A cold winter, take off my mittens, and “LOOK AT THOSE NAILS!!” type of polish 😉

Here’s some pics:





Hope everyone checks in with Polish Alcoholic and/or Mommy Loves Nail Polish (ME!! 🙂 ) later today for our announcement!


Have a great weekend!

Now THIS is what a Jelly Polish should look like! Nfu Oh JS01


I Love It, I Love It, I Love It !


This is Nfu Oh`s  polish JS01 from their Jelly Collection.  No topcoat.  Awesomeness!



3 coats for opaque, or 2 coats then a glitter coat and a last 3rd coat to top it off, for a Jelly Sandwich. (I have a great glitter polish to use for a Jelly Sandwich with this polish, which I will probably do over the weekend, and post)







Monday’s Mani and What I thought Jelly polish was


Yes, yes… I realize that it isn’t actually Monday – but this is the manicure I wore yesterday 🙂




These are the nail polishes I used:

Layla Fluo Color F10

Kleancolor Chunky Holo Poppy

Quo by Orly Cheers to You


Ok, so I had a thought about the Kleancolor polish as I was using it.  It was almost clear, with just a tiny bit of an orange/red color.  And it was nice and thick (but it was sticky, which was annoying)


Isn’t this what a Jelly polish is supposed to be?  The last Jelly polish I bought was opaque with a thin consistency and not shiny at all.  Yet, Kleancolor does not advertise that this is a Jelly.


I think I am very confused about what makes a Jelly polish, a Jelly polish.


  If anyone can help me out with this, feel free to correct me 😉 I won’t be offended at all.  I just wanna know the difference!