One Manicure – 3 looks!


With only my sleeping baby daughter keeping me company today, I had lots of time to play with my polishes.  I always appreciate a little “me” time, but after today, I am ready for my hubby and son to be back from their boys time in Montreal.  My 8 month old isn’t much of a conversationalist 🙂
Anyways, that was just a little bit of an explanation why I’ve done 3 blog posts (so far!) today.  I will clean the house tomorrow 😉


This manicure isn’t as spectacular as I’m making it sound.  I just kept adding layers of something to make my nails more interesting… until there was nothing else I could add!  lol

Here ya go!


First layer: An amazing polish by Revlon called Hypnotize in the Brilliant Strength collection.  It applies like silk, and could probably be just as beautiful with one coat, as it is with two.  I also picked up a silver/grey from the same collection, so I might try that next.

Layer 2:  Nicole by OPI Limited Edition Kardashian Kolor Holiday lacquer “A Gold Winter’s Night”

And the last layer: Maybelline New York Color Show Shredded “Carbon Frost”