Do the “Monster Mash”! (by Orly)


Squeee!  What a fun nail polish!

Monster Mash by Orly – one of the Flash Glam FX polishes from their Spellbound collection.



This is the type of polish that catches your eye, and won’t let go.  With holographic green glitters and flicks – you just can’t go wrong.  It has been released in a Halloween collection, but it also seems like a polish to include in a spring collection.
On it’s own, in all honesty – it’s kind of gross looking.  The sheer green polish the glitter is suspended in, is…not attractive.  See for yourself:



But, as suggested on the signage  in the store, as well as the copy on their website – “layer over black to intensify the look!”



MUCH better!! 🙂  Personally, I would not recommend using Monster Mash on it’s own.  It’s definitely the layering type.


I tried it over orange (forgot to take photos) and over black.  They both looked nice, but over the black was pretty spectacular 🙂


My new favorite glitter polish!  What’s yours?