Guest Post! Polish Alcoholic (AKA Awesome Sabrina!!!)

Hey hey to my fellow polish freaks! (as always, said with LOVE!!!)

Some may, some may not – have noticed my absence in blogging land, as of late.  Without boring you with the details….life has got in the way, and priorities had to be made – so it saddens me that my absence will continue for a while longer.

I am still finishing up with the indies only blogathon, in the background – but don’t have the time or resources to post for a while.  But, whenever I am able, I will try and squeeze a post in 🙂

Without further ado – may I present to you, the very generous and sweet, Sabrina of Polish Alcoholic who has donated her time to do a guest post (thanks doll!!)

(ps: anyone else want to try their hand at doing a guest post for Mommy Loves Nail Polish – your time and effort would be much, much, much appreciated 🙂 ):


header 2013





Hi polished people!

Sabrina (a.k.a. Polish Alcoholic) -here to share with you, my latest creation.  How sweet that Louise has dedicated a little spot to me on her lovely blog!

Basically, this is a re-creation of the mosaic manicure I did a while back. This is the soft/pastel version though. Sadly this isn’t as clear as the other version (blame my annoying tremor), but I like the final result.

(edit to add from Louise:  your “not as good” manicures, are better than most of our “turned out fantastic” manicures! LOL You have a magic touch girl!)


I used a medium striper and several soft polishes:
mosaic products used
Purity by Zoya;
Blu by Zoya;
Tart-y For The Party by China Glaze;
Keep Calm, Paint On by China Glaze;
Trout Pout by Butter London;
Jasper by Butter London.

Here’s a step by step guide of how I created this design:
mosaic tutorial
1. Start with a white base. I used Zoya’s Purity.
2, 3, 4, 5. Create random stripes by using a medium striper and a soft green/soft yellow polish. I like to create different patterns on each nail. Make sure you’ll get 8 spaces to fill in later.
6. Fill in two random spaces with a corally pink polish.
7. Fill in two random spaces with a soft yellow polish.
8. Fill in two random spaces with a soft blue polish.
9. Fill in the last two spaces with a light purple polish, allow the design to dry completely (to prevent ‘dragging’ with top coat, and finish with your favorite top coat (Seche Vite).

What do you think of this design?


Thank you so much Sabrina, for this fantastic post!  You are welcome to guest post here anytime! 🙂