Glitter again?? Yes!!! Nfu Oh GS07 Swatches

This might not be quite as striking as the GS14 (Black with holo sparkles) – and I am not in love.  But, it is really nice, and I may cheat on GS14  for a quickie mani with GS07 every one and a while 🙂

What do you think?

I started with a red and green base (wow, Christmas themes already!!?)

Then 2 coats of the GS07 (such catchy names Nfu Oh names their polishes).

Same wonderful application.  I only did 2 applications, as 3 would have been completely opaque (which would be fine for some mani’s).  Same “pain in the you know what” removal, but a special glue base***  removal is a breeze, but the mani doesn’t last past a shower.  The tin foil and acetone method works extremely well, but is murder on your nails and cuticles.

***(put regular glue into an emplty polish bottle, and polish it on like you normally would – but before a glitter polish.  It will just peel off)

Then, I went fancy (ha ha) with a french tip manicure using GS07 as the base and GS14 for the tips.

I love glitter 🙂

ps For anyone better at Photoshop….what is going on with my watermarks??  These may not be the most amazing photos, but I see they are being passed around on Pineterest, so I would like to add this watermark…..but as you can see, whatever WordPress does to compress the photos, is screwing up the logo.  Any suggestions?

Edited to add – seems that the watermark looks just fine when published.  Strange.

Glitter Glitter EVERYWHERE!!! Nfu Oh GS14 Swatches


Where have you been all my life?

I missed you, and I don`t even know you!

(What other cheezy lines are there, that I can show my love of this polish?)


I realize I am new to the world of blogging, but it isn’t as if I didn’t follow the whole nail polish thing prior to my blogging life.  AND I thought I knew all about the Nfu Oh line…. BUT I did not know this particular polish…in all it’s glittery glory… existed…..

My new “gets its own spot, never out of my sight, don’t let the kids touch” polish:


GS14  with Floam tips

GS14 by NfU Oh, is a part of their Glitter Series.  If I am not mistaken, there are 14 different polishes in this collection.  GS14 is a deep black base suspending tiny silver holographic glitter (very tiny, almost like a dust).

The polish went on smooth, with no problems at all applying the glitter evenly.

Dried a little slow, but I used 3 coats when 2 would have been fine.  I was like a glitter junkie, and could not get enough!

It was super shiny ay first (with no topcoat), but quickly went dull, so I added a topcoat, and there were no problems after that 🙂

If you like Nfu Of GS14 as well – I found mine at Fabuloustreet.

What do you think?  Do you love it as much as I do? 🙂



Bubble, bubble…polish and trouble.


I’m running out of things to call my posts…. as you can see 🙂


Proudly, I would like to announce the latest holographic polish purchase, added to my collection.

Introducing,  JADE Holografico “Magia”.  It is just as good, if not possibly better than the Nfu Oh holographic’s.  Really fantastic smooth consistency, and brilliant holo with just one coat (although I’ve done 2 here).


The reason for the introduction is,  that this is the base polish for tonight’s manicure.


What I saw in my mind, while thinking of what to do to my nails was ,pools of green with bubbles coming out/up from them.
What turned out, was this:



They kind of look like a weird version of when I do strawberries on my nails.  The middle finger got mushed, and I still had a small puddle of green polish left from doing the dots – so, I tried the spun sugar (that’s what it is called, right?) technique.  It worked, kind of.


More pics!




bonne nuit mes amis!

Holo Holoween Part II

Okdokie, this is the real post.


The reason for the previous “test” post was because I needed to recreate my Facebook Page. (  If you had “Liked” that previous page – it will be deleted soon, and this current address will be the permanent one.  I have no idea what I did, but I messed up when I started the first one 🙂


So, onto the manicure part of my nail polish blog!

I have 2 versions of this manicure.  There was just something missing, so when you see the second set of pics – it’s the same manicure, just with a little extra pizazz on each nail.


As much as I would like to say that I am super ambitious, and did 2 full nail art manicures in 1 day…. alas, I am too lazy.


# 1 mani has a base of Nfu Oh Holo # 66 and stripes of orange and black (that’s the Halloween part of the manicure 🙂 )


And the # 2 mani is the same as the above, but I’ve added 2 coats of SpectraFlair top coat, and two big fat orange glitter pieces on each nail.



Now THIS is what a Jelly Polish should look like! Nfu Oh JS01


I Love It, I Love It, I Love It !


This is Nfu Oh`s  polish JS01 from their Jelly Collection.  No topcoat.  Awesomeness!



3 coats for opaque, or 2 coats then a glitter coat and a last 3rd coat to top it off, for a Jelly Sandwich. (I have a great glitter polish to use for a Jelly Sandwich with this polish, which I will probably do over the weekend, and post)







Holographic or Glitter, what do I love more? Reviews and swatches Layla & Nfu Oh

Oh why, oh why…is it so hard to find a great holographic nail polish that applies beautifully?    Each one I’ve tried always gives me streaking problems, bald spots or some other application issue.  But they are worth it!!!!  I am reviewing my personal favorites.


Nfu Oh polishes, in general, apply smooth with no problems – but their holographic polishes are not so easy.

One layer, without going over more than once is ok – but if you attempt to go over to smooth it a bit or fix a blob (or whatever), the polish that is already on the nail seems to get picked up and dragged by the brush.
So, I’ve found painting the nails in 3 separate strokes (or two if you are skilled) – and then letting the polish dry completely before the next coat will help a lot with the Nfu Oh Holographic polishes.

Here are images of Nfu oh 65 and 61


The Layla Holographic polishes, while not as striking as the Nfu oh holo’s, are beautiful.

The application was nice and smooth, but the formula seems thin.  I used 3 coats on each nail, and still don’t feel I ever got to the colour I see in the bottle.  Still pretty though 🙂

This image is Layla 03 Retro Pink

This next image is Layla 01 Mercury Twilight


And this last Layla polish is 08 Flash Black



And the grande finale !  I still don’t know which is better….Holographic or Glitter, but maybe one of these days I will combine them both into a wicked manicure!