Nicole by OPI – You’re an Angel

Nicole by OPI – You’re an Angel

Pink really isn’t a color that goes along with my personality, but I couldn’t resist.  This polish had a certain je ne sais quoi that attracted me to it.  Maybe it was the ever so slight shimmer with a touch of gold, or maybe I was just feeling girly 🙂

Either way – it came home with me.  Also, it didn’t hurt that my local drug store was selling off a huge chunk of their Nicole by OPI polishes for 75% off 😉

This mani was inspired by a multitude of manicures from this blog here.  She is so good with her scotch tape manicures, that it actually looks easy.  Unfortunately.  It’s not.  Time and time again, I try different designs with tape, but I just can’t get a smooth line.  It’s so frustrating!!

Here’s my try 🙂 :





As much fun as I had with the challenge…’s nice to be back on my own schedule.

The links for the participants themed manicures are still up for viewing, if anyone wants to take a peak at some awesome creations.  To the right is a link to the Pre Spring Challenge, and you will find each days entries linked there.

Swatches – Nicole by Opi, Sephora by Opi and Lush Lacquer

Lots and lots of pictures in this post!

First….I am soooo excited that my local shopping center opened a Sephora store!!  I have never been into one of their actual stores – just the website.  So, needless to say…Sephora gift cards are now top of my list for Santa to get me for Christmas 🙂

Sephora is certainly not an inexpensive store, so while I wanted to buy tons of nail polish and nail paraphernalia – I resisted and just purchased one polish…for now 🙂

Sephora by Opi  “S-age is Just a Number”   A unique gold/green/rust duo (three-o) tone polish, and is perfectly opaque in two coats.



And I ventured to polish my right hand in another Opi (Nicole by Opi “You’re S-Teal The One”) that I planned on photographing as well.  But, the precise reason why I rarely show my right hand in posts…is because I am really bad polishing with my left – and this is no exception… sorry 🙂  it’s a very pretty color though!


There is a slight purple duo tone thing happening with this polish, but it’s very hard to capture in photos.  Trust me, it’s amazing in person!  Mind you, I did need 4 (FOUR!!) coats to get the actual blue you see in the bottle.




And last, but not least – a glitter top coat by Lush Lacquer called Tree-mendous.

A clear polish with mainly small green glitter, and a mixture of a slightly larger gold/yellow/pink/blue/purple/red/orange hex glitter and yellow stars.  As with any polish with chunkier multi size glitter, the best application was to dab it on and then smooth out and add a thick top coat.  Lots of all of the glitter goodies each dip of the brush 🙂

These photos are with Tree-mendous polished over Sephora by Opi “S-age is just a number”



That’s all!!  Have a fantastic day! 🙂


Another striping tape mani! (step by step)

I tried this sponging/striping tape manicure a little while back – and for a first try, it seemed to turn out pretty good.

After all of these challenges and being “told” what my manicures were going to be – I had the need to break free!! (lol whatever) and since I am not terribly original….I decided to try the striping tape mani again.   (I have to pull out my stamping supplies again…but I was so frustrated to past few times I used them….they went to the back of the drawer)

Not that I am any kind of expert to be giving “tutorials” – but, I will go step by step in what I did throughout the “process” 🙂

Step1 – I polished my nails with 2 coats of Nubar’s Stardust, and polished one finger with Nicole by OPI “Shoot for the Maroon” and topped it with Seche Vite, and let it dry for 10 minutes (to make sure all of the layers were dry)

Step 2 – I cut a ton of strips of nail striping tape, and then firmly applied them to each finger nail.


Step 3 – with a piece of sponge, and a puddle of “Shoot for the Maroon” I dabbed the sponge in the polish and sponged gently onto the “Stardust” nails – until I was pleased with how much I had applied.  Then did the same with the “Shoot for the Maroon” nail, but used a gold polish to sponge on instead.




Step 4 – Gently peel off striping tape – one piece at a time.




Step 5 – clean off the polish from skin and cuticles and add top coat.

The final result!!





One Manicure – 3 looks!


With only my sleeping baby daughter keeping me company today, I had lots of time to play with my polishes.  I always appreciate a little “me” time, but after today, I am ready for my hubby and son to be back from their boys time in Montreal.  My 8 month old isn’t much of a conversationalist 🙂
Anyways, that was just a little bit of an explanation why I’ve done 3 blog posts (so far!) today.  I will clean the house tomorrow 😉


This manicure isn’t as spectacular as I’m making it sound.  I just kept adding layers of something to make my nails more interesting… until there was nothing else I could add!  lol

Here ya go!


First layer: An amazing polish by Revlon called Hypnotize in the Brilliant Strength collection.  It applies like silk, and could probably be just as beautiful with one coat, as it is with two.  I also picked up a silver/grey from the same collection, so I might try that next.

Layer 2:  Nicole by OPI Limited Edition Kardashian Kolor Holiday lacquer “A Gold Winter’s Night”

And the last layer: Maybelline New York Color Show Shredded “Carbon Frost”