Another striping tape mani! (step by step)

I tried this sponging/striping tape manicure a little while back – and for a first try, it seemed to turn out pretty good.

After all of these challenges and being “told” what my manicures were going to be – I had the need to break free!! (lol whatever) and since I am not terribly original….I decided to try the striping tape mani again.   (I have to pull out my stamping supplies again…but I was so frustrated to past few times I used them….they went to the back of the drawer)

Not that I am any kind of expert to be giving “tutorials” – but, I will go step by step in what I did throughout the “process” 🙂

Step1 – I polished my nails with 2 coats of Nubar’s Stardust, and polished one finger with Nicole by OPI “Shoot for the Maroon” and topped it with Seche Vite, and let it dry for 10 minutes (to make sure all of the layers were dry)

Step 2 – I cut a ton of strips of nail striping tape, and then firmly applied them to each finger nail.


Step 3 – with a piece of sponge, and a puddle of “Shoot for the Maroon” I dabbed the sponge in the polish and sponged gently onto the “Stardust” nails – until I was pleased with how much I had applied.  Then did the same with the “Shoot for the Maroon” nail, but used a gold polish to sponge on instead.




Step 4 – Gently peel off striping tape – one piece at a time.




Step 5 – clean off the polish from skin and cuticles and add top coat.

The final result!!





Pink again? What is wrong with me these days???

Yup, still waiting for my little stubs called finger nails to grow a little bit more…in the mean time….from the archives:

The polishes I used for this manicure were:  Nubar “Essence” , topped with Essie Luxeffects “shine of the times”, and a couple of cute fimo flowers 🙂

Nubar Hyacinth Sparkle with Color Club Fashion Addict (and NO smurf nails!!!)


Slowly, but surely, my blue smurfy nails are fading – but my cuticles are taking a beating!!  Lemon juice, toothpaste, acetone, denture soak…maybe I should just leave them to grow out 🙂  It’s more important my cuticles don’t dry up and start cracking.  And I tried, but only got to about 13 hours without polish….so that’s not happening…


And speaking of polish!!!  Ohhh I love this combination of polishes!!

After a billion coats of a strengthening base coat… I used Color Club’s Fashion Addict (2 coats) and taped off my nail about 1/2 way, and used Nubar’s Hyacinth Sparkle:


You Call this a Holo? #4 Review and photos: Nubar Reclaim




Originally released as one of Nubar’s Going Green Collection polishes – from my research, (AKA google) that release was way back in the summer of 2009.  I am surprised I was still able to get one of these beauties, considering it was “limited edition” – but it seems to be widely available.

So, if you like what you see…. mine was purchased at Nail Polish Canada (update: I just checked, and it is sold out again after a restock last week)

And Nubar’s official site seems to have stock:  Nubar Online

The application of this holographic polish was probably the best I have ever come across… even better than (I can’t believe I am going to say this) Jade Holographica.  It went on smooth, without any patchy/balding pull that some holo’s have.  One coat would have been sufficient, but two just made it that more stunning.  Enjoy the photos!

The fun stuff:


This is in daylight (rainy day, but still natural lighting :)).  Wow, you cannot see any of the holographic qualities in this picture!

Indoor lighting.

This is just one polish, that would NOT catch my eye if I saw it on a shelf for sale.

But, wait….

TA DAH!!!!

Just a few more photos with different lights, different rooms.  I was so intrigued by my nails, I kept taking photos! 🙂

If you are a fan of holographic polishes – this is definitely one to add to your collection if you can.  It is really amazing to look at – photos don’t do it justice.  Take care all ! 🙂

Nubar Polka Dot Collection review

This this a review on the Nubar Polka Dot Collection.  I purchased mine through for $18 w/free shipping within Canada.

The above pictures are 1. the 3 polishes in the collection 2. Close up of the white polka dot polish 3. Macro close up of the black glitter suspended in the polish (no shaking needed) and 4 the white glitter on top of black polish, both polishes layered, and the black glitter over a white polish.

My thoughts: While not a new concept, I liked the 2 different sized glitters and the fact the two colours were in separate bottles, so they could be used together or alone.  The balance of the amount of white glitter was very good.  With only 2 layers, I saw no areas missing a mix of both sizes of glitter.
The black – which was the one I was most excited about, unfortunately did not live up to my hopes and expectations.    Very little of the larger pieces of glitter, and what did end up on my nail, was only because I scooped it out with the brush and placed it there.  The picture I show with it layered on the white polish, was 3 coats – each one carefully manipulated to balance the glitter amount.  I did like how it looked though.  Just a lot of work.

With the two mixed together – I liked it – not by itself, how I show it – but maybe over a red it would look quite intriguing  I do think it would take a lot to get the desired look though.  Probably 2 coats of the base colour, and 2 coats each of the glitter.  Definitely not an “out the door” manicure.  But cute, if you have the time and patience.

Oh, and I forgot about the top coat included in the collection!  It isn`t a fast drying top coat, but it is nice.  Very shiny.  It takes about 2-3 minutes to dry when used over a normal 2 coat colour manicure.

If I were rating this between 1 to 5 stars….I would give it a 3.5.