Nubar Polka Dot Collection review

This this a review on the Nubar Polka Dot Collection.  I purchased mine through for $18 w/free shipping within Canada.

The above pictures are 1. the 3 polishes in the collection 2. Close up of the white polka dot polish 3. Macro close up of the black glitter suspended in the polish (no shaking needed) and 4 the white glitter on top of black polish, both polishes layered, and the black glitter over a white polish.

My thoughts: While not a new concept, I liked the 2 different sized glitters and the fact the two colours were in separate bottles, so they could be used together or alone.  The balance of the amount of white glitter was very good.  With only 2 layers, I saw no areas missing a mix of both sizes of glitter.
The black – which was the one I was most excited about, unfortunately did not live up to my hopes and expectations.    Very little of the larger pieces of glitter, and what did end up on my nail, was only because I scooped it out with the brush and placed it there.  The picture I show with it layered on the white polish, was 3 coats – each one carefully manipulated to balance the glitter amount.  I did like how it looked though.  Just a lot of work.

With the two mixed together – I liked it – not by itself, how I show it – but maybe over a red it would look quite intriguing  I do think it would take a lot to get the desired look though.  Probably 2 coats of the base colour, and 2 coats each of the glitter.  Definitely not an “out the door” manicure.  But cute, if you have the time and patience.

Oh, and I forgot about the top coat included in the collection!  It isn`t a fast drying top coat, but it is nice.  Very shiny.  It takes about 2-3 minutes to dry when used over a normal 2 coat colour manicure.

If I were rating this between 1 to 5 stars….I would give it a 3.5.