Quo by Orly – Celestial Star

I’d like to start with a little bit of an apology for not being as consistent with the amount of posts I am used to normally doing, and the amount that will be lacking in the next few weeks.

Coming up, at the end of January or early February – I will be starting, what I am naming my “Indie Polish Blogathon” 🙂

Each day will feature a different indie brand, and a selection of their polishes (info and swatches).  I am getting a bit overwhelmed (and totally excited) about the actual amount of polishes that I have to swatch!  (you know how much glitter indies usually have??  I love it!!! But it’s brutal on wee little fingers and nails!!!)

But anyways – c’est la vie  – and this is not the only exciting thing coming up – but I will save that for another post 😉

On to the polish of the day!!

Orly’s Celestial Star

Very similar, in idea, to Turquoise Moonlight that I posted about a few days ago.  But this is more of a, sometimes royal blue, sometimes purple with a teeny bit of gold, micro glitter polish.  Unfortunately, I found it exceptionally difficult to capture the multi color changes and real beauty of this polish.  What do you think?


Time for bed!  Thanks for reading!


Quo by Orly – Turquoise Moonlight Review/Swatches

Oh, how I wish I could figure out the settings on my camera so I could show the true beauty of this polish!!!  🙂

Obviously, it is a turquoise, but it also shifts to gold – and catches the light (sunlight and indoors) like no polish (aside from a holo) I’ve seen.  With one coat, it can be used as a topcoat, as it is quite sheer – but in the photos, I have 3 coats, and it seems fully opaque to me 🙂

The only issue I have with this polish is, the color of the polish comes from glitter….teensy weensy little glitter that spreads all over your fingers when removing it.  A small complaint, and a little scrubbing will remove it after a few washes.

This polish was purchased for $7.99 ($10 when not on sale 😉 ) at Shoppers Drug Mart (in Canada)



That’s my boxer Maya, in the background 🙂




















Thanks for checking out my blog!

I really appreciate the love you guys are giving me – I have so much fun blogging, and reading everyone elses blogs.  Can’t wait to see what’s to come in the new year!!






Quo by Orly Glitter Polishes

This might be polishes that are only available in Canada @ Shoppers Drug Mart, but I’m not sure… They are pretty fabulous, and I have had a lot of searches looking for these on my blog.  So… as, I happen to have a few from the collection, I thought I would post some swatches 🙂


An Affair To Remember, Throw the Confetti, Pink Champagne and Cheers To You

Quo by Orly, An Affair to Remember

Quo by Orly, Throw the Confetti

Quo by Orly, Pink Champagne

Quo by Orly, Cheers to You

I think there might be one more, in a red sparkle style – but, it was out of stock… 😦

My favourite?  Without a doubt, Cheers to You!  I love the gold holographic glitter and flicks – it is spectacular when worn over black!

Have a great day!!

(ps – probably my posts will be farther between for a week or two until my nails start growing back in.  I totally dried them out and ruined them while trying to remove the yellow and blue stains.  So, out came the clippers and off went the nails… 😦  I am trying not to cry!!!)






Monday’s Mani and What I thought Jelly polish was


Yes, yes… I realize that it isn’t actually Monday – but this is the manicure I wore yesterday 🙂




These are the nail polishes I used:

Layla Fluo Color F10

Kleancolor Chunky Holo Poppy

Quo by Orly Cheers to You


Ok, so I had a thought about the Kleancolor polish as I was using it.  It was almost clear, with just a tiny bit of an orange/red color.  And it was nice and thick (but it was sticky, which was annoying)


Isn’t this what a Jelly polish is supposed to be?  The last Jelly polish I bought was opaque with a thin consistency and not shiny at all.  Yet, Kleancolor does not advertise that this is a Jelly.


I think I am very confused about what makes a Jelly polish, a Jelly polish.


  If anyone can help me out with this, feel free to correct me 😉 I won’t be offended at all.  I just wanna know the difference!

Sunday’s Manicure Fall Harvest

LOL  I can’t believe I names my manicure!
It really looked like it needed to be named Fall Harvest though, take a look 🙂 :



And look at the glitter!!  Doesn’t it remind you of hay?  In autumn?    ok, maybe not….still pretty though!


The polishes I used today were:

base – Essense 116 Gorgeous bling bling

glitter polish – Quo by Orly Cheers to you 59346

top coat – Nubar Diamond seal and shine