Base for glitter polish

It is a fact.  Glitter nail polish is awesome, and totally difficult to get off of your nails !


A few months ago I purchased a small bottle of a base that claimed to peel off, to as to make glitter polish come off easily.


The price for this was about $9 (give or take) from a store on ebay.


Once I received it, I applied 2 layers of this base, and then the most sparkly chunky polish I owned.  I gave it until the next day to try the removal.


By the next day, after I had showered- the polish was curling up a little around the edges, so I took that as a sign to start peeling away!    It peeled of quite easily – not all in one piece,  but it took off most of the polish with just a little left over to use the acetone on.


Ok, so the point is – what was in that bottle was not anything special.  It peeled off exactly the same way it did when I put glue on my skin or finger nails in grade school.  It even smelled the same!!


Recently, I’ve seen others posting about using glue as a base for glitter polish.  I saw it in this post recently as well.


I think if I were to translate this – the ingredients would be the same or similar to regular glue.



This is my recipe for a base for glitter polish.


1 empty nail polish bottle cleaned out with acetone (or regular polish remover)
Glue (the kind that can be removed with water if necessary)
Any nail polish base to thin out the glue and make the consistency a bit smoother.


Fill about a quarter of the bottle with the base, and the rest to the top with glue (with a little bit of space for mixing or adding/removing).
Use a toothpick or something else thin enough to mix it together,  If you have a couple of stainless ball bearing balls, that will help a lot!


And that’s it!    If for some reason your mix doesn’t peel off, if will still help a whole lot in removing the glitter when the time comes and you use nail polish remover.  When using this base with nail polish remover, you will find the glitter just slides off.


Hope this works for you!