Revlon Girly Review / Photos

Another interesting, pretty, glittery polish from Revlon!  They have stepped up their game 🙂

This polish is from their most recent 2013 release.  I have a couple of others from the new collection, but I’ll start with this one.

Girly, is a pale pink/lilac milky base, with a ton of various colors and sizes of hex glitter.  It is extremely sheer, so I wore a pale pink creme polish as a base before applying Girly.

As with most glitter polishes, I had to do a little rearranging of the glitter to space it evenly – so make sure you put a topcoat over whatever base color you choose (if you choose) – so there is a layer protecting the color from the glitter.  The glitter might mush up the base color while spreading it around to arrange it – and they will start blending together.

Enough with the chit chat – on to the photos!

IMG_4118 IMG_4114 IMG_4113 IMG_4110


Have a great weekend!!

Revlon Hearts of Gold FX – Swatches / Review

Again, Happy New Year!  I can’t believe I’ve actually posted 3 (as of now) times  already in 2013!

New Years day here is created for hangover recovery, I think.  The only thing open is the drugstore 🙂  I don’t know if that is an international thing, but it sure is here – and when you have a stir crazy 5 year old boy….that’s not good!

So, we went for a drive to the drugstore….and I ended up using one of my giftcards on these 🙂 :


This color is supposed to (in real life – couldn’t capture on camera) a dark army green with teeny green glitter pieces /dust.  Essence Walk on the Wild Side



I came across a new Revlon display that included 2 new glitter top coats – so, knowing me and glitter…one of them had to come home with me.  My son decided I needed gold.  This is Revlon Hearts of Gold FX.


Unfortunately, it was like a lot of other glitters that contain shapes (hearts, stars, moons etc.).  I was lucky to pull out 1-2 each time I dipped the brush, and those lumped on top of each other when I brushed them on.

My thoughts on Hearts of Gold FX – it’s pretty in the bottle….on the shelf…at the store.  Not worth spending precious nail polish money on 🙂   Too bad 😦

Revlon Brilliant Strength swatches

Just a few photos from the archives I forgot I had 🙂


220 Provoke, 030 Intrigue, 120 Tantalize, 110 Hypnotize, 090 Captivate

At the moment, I think that Revlon’s Brilliant Strength line, is probably my favorite quality of “drug store” brand polishes.  In fact, compared to some of my other polishes that are twice the price, the colors, quality and formula of this line is pretty darn good if not better.

The polish goes on opaque in just one coat (making it great as a stamping polish) – two coats just makes the color a little more fantastic 🙂

I wish they had a few other styles of polish (glitters, flakes, shimmers) but what they do have in regular colors is really nice.  In fact, Tantalize (which actually is one of the few shimmery polishes in the line) is my absolute fav – and I bought a second to have, just in case it gets discontinued 🙂

Captivate, Hypnotize,  Tantalize, Intrigue, Provoke.

Maybelline “Blue Blowout” & Revlon “Radiant” Mani / Review


Maybe calling this blog “I love glitter” would have been more appropriate – because….I LOVE GLITTER!!

When I was younger, I had a boyfriend who used to call me a “marketers dream”.  And as long as it is marketed with glitter and sparkles, I suppose he was right 🙂


While traveling through the Walmart makeup area, I spotted a couple of very pretty blue polishes (keep in mind BLUE) – and seeing as they were not super expensive brands, and even less expensive being from Walmart – I grabbed them.

Maybelline Color Show Metallics “Blue Blowout” and Revlon’s 441 “Radiant”

And here is how the manicure turned out!!

Everything I used (including glue base AND Gelous Gel base)



I used the Maybelline Blue Blowout as the base, and Revlon Radiant on top of that.  Except on my ring finger, which was Essence “via airmail” base color, and topped with Zoya “Maisie” flakies.



Revlon Radiant is a nice blue glitter – which I don’t see a lot of.  It has a little bit of silver and green glitter thrown in, but is mainly blue – and it took 3 coats for a full (but not opaque) coverage.  The glitter does go on evenly, but very sparse.


As for Maybelline Blue Blowout….

Remember, I mentioned to keep in mind that this was a BLUE manicure, and that I used 2 different base coats prior to starting with anything else….



Ack!!!   What is going on!!??  Obviously, this has to do with the new Maybelline, because the Revlon did not have any color to it, except the actual glitter pieces.  And the finger I used Essence and Zoya on, is still the original yucky yellow.


So, I used lemon, and toothpaste, and acetone…..


And I still have blue fingernails!!!

At least they aren’t quite as bad as when I first removed the polish, but still…blue?  Most people understand why your fingernails are yellow if you go out without polish (whaaa????) – but with blue…I just look sick.

(my fingers look wet, because I was soaking them in olive oil….the poor things were so dry from the lemon, toothpaste and acetone)


I suppose, my last words on this would be – if you really must use Maybelline’s Blue Blowout (it is a really nice looking polish….sigh…) use as many layers of base coat as you are patient enough for.  MAYBE that will help.  As for my bottle….my son can use it to paint with.

One Manicure – 3 looks!


With only my sleeping baby daughter keeping me company today, I had lots of time to play with my polishes.  I always appreciate a little “me” time, but after today, I am ready for my hubby and son to be back from their boys time in Montreal.  My 8 month old isn’t much of a conversationalist 🙂
Anyways, that was just a little bit of an explanation why I’ve done 3 blog posts (so far!) today.  I will clean the house tomorrow 😉


This manicure isn’t as spectacular as I’m making it sound.  I just kept adding layers of something to make my nails more interesting… until there was nothing else I could add!  lol

Here ya go!


First layer: An amazing polish by Revlon called Hypnotize in the Brilliant Strength collection.  It applies like silk, and could probably be just as beautiful with one coat, as it is with two.  I also picked up a silver/grey from the same collection, so I might try that next.

Layer 2:  Nicole by OPI Limited Edition Kardashian Kolor Holiday lacquer “A Gold Winter’s Night”

And the last layer: Maybelline New York Color Show Shredded “Carbon Frost”




Revlon – Review / Swatches of 230 Popular, 261 Sparkling, 430 Whimsical


For some reason, these colors have been showing up a lot being searched for on this blog.  Maybe Revlon has just recently re-released them, or some stores have just started carrying these.  Or, because I have mentioned them in another post, and it’s being picked up by search engines?  I have no idea how that part works!


Whatever the reason – if people are searching for them here, I should probably add a few images 🙂   And because I can be a little ditzy, I kept putting it off, because I had so many other polishes I wanted to use – but forgot I had these plastic finger nail things to show nail polish / nail art!


Quickly, the review part.   The consistency is very thin and drippy, but it works.  The polish goes on with a good amount of all glitter sizes and covers easily.  Two coats, and I was happy with how they all looked.  Dried slowly, but as with most glitter polishes – you want to top it off with a nice thick top coat, so just make sure it’s a quick dry. (Seche Vite is amazing in both drying time, and thickness)


The fun part… picture time!

Each polish has been applied over a base of white, and separately a base of black.




Revlon “Sparkling” artificial lighting.

Revlon “Sparkling” artificial lighting.

Revlon “Sparkling” natural lighting.

Revlon “popular” artificial / indoor lighting.

Revlon “popular” artificial / indoor lighting.

Revlon “popular” natural lighting.

Revlon “Whimsical” artificial / indoor lighting.

Revlon “Whimsical” artificial / indoor lighting.

Revlon “Whimsical” natural lighting.

Oldies, but goodies !  Which is your fav?