Sunday’s DAY manicure

This was the manicure I wore today, and I personally think I did a much better job than the one I did at 3:30am last night 🙂


Finger Paint’s “Don’t Make a Scene” base colour

Orly Black and Red Instant Artist

Seche Vite top coat

Midnight Manicures… not so good.

I left the house with naked nails this morning!  Ack!  Oh well, it was to help out in my sons senior kindergarten class – I don’t think any of the kids noticed 😉

So, I finally got around to doing a manicure on myself.  Not until around 10:30pm, once hubby and my son were down for the night, but hey – I was awake.

Two base coats of a simple eggshell “Finger Paints” – “Don’t Make a Scene” – and I hear a small cry.

One thick top coat of Seche Vite, and the small cry turn into desperate cries.

Bummer.  Baby is awake.

And instead of soothing her back to sleep, the bottle woke her up the rest of the way – and I have a happy lively, active and very awake baby at 11pm.

How can you resist this though…

This is my excuse for my odd looking manicure.  I had some amazing plans for these great colours, but it was not meant to be.

It will be called abstract.   Another day, I will work on beautiful or cool.