Swatches – Nicole by Opi, Sephora by Opi and Lush Lacquer

Lots and lots of pictures in this post!

First….I am soooo excited that my local shopping center opened a Sephora store!!  I have never been into one of their actual stores – just the website.  So, needless to say…Sephora gift cards are now top of my list for Santa to get me for Christmas 🙂

Sephora is certainly not an inexpensive store, so while I wanted to buy tons of nail polish and nail paraphernalia – I resisted and just purchased one polish…for now 🙂

Sephora by Opi  “S-age is Just a Number”   A unique gold/green/rust duo (three-o) tone polish, and is perfectly opaque in two coats.



And I ventured to polish my right hand in another Opi (Nicole by Opi “You’re S-Teal The One”) that I planned on photographing as well.  But, the precise reason why I rarely show my right hand in posts…is because I am really bad polishing with my left – and this is no exception… sorry 🙂  it’s a very pretty color though!


There is a slight purple duo tone thing happening with this polish, but it’s very hard to capture in photos.  Trust me, it’s amazing in person!  Mind you, I did need 4 (FOUR!!) coats to get the actual blue you see in the bottle.




And last, but not least – a glitter top coat by Lush Lacquer called Tree-mendous.

A clear polish with mainly small green glitter, and a mixture of a slightly larger gold/yellow/pink/blue/purple/red/orange hex glitter and yellow stars.  As with any polish with chunkier multi size glitter, the best application was to dab it on and then smooth out and add a thick top coat.  Lots of all of the glitter goodies each dip of the brush 🙂

These photos are with Tree-mendous polished over Sephora by Opi “S-age is just a number”



That’s all!!  Have a fantastic day! 🙂