Striping Tape Mani with Nfu Oh GS14 and Julep Suede Finish Brit

Not too much more of an explanation needed after title, I guess 🙂

And on with the photos!



I don’t have any secret methods for my striping tape manicures – but, for those who are having a bit of a hard time with too much polish on the second coat (over the tape) or bleeding (polish, not blood! 🙂 ) so the lines are not crisp….I have come to the conclusion, that the only way I – personally – can get nice sharp, crisp lines ….is to sponge the second coat on.

While not a “secret method” – I guess I will call it a variation on how to do it 😉

It seems to leave it flatter (without the grooves left behind from the tape) – and with less polish being applied, there is very little chance that the polish will bleed under the tape.

Of course, there is always a chance I am the only one who had these problems…..I have been known to not be the brightest bulb, at times lol 🙂  So….whatever works best for you.



Have a good one!  Day, night, afternoon – wherever you are!




Another striping tape mani! (step by step)

I tried this sponging/striping tape manicure a little while back – and for a first try, it seemed to turn out pretty good.

After all of these challenges and being “told” what my manicures were going to be – I had the need to break free!! (lol whatever) and since I am not terribly original….I decided to try the striping tape mani again.   (I have to pull out my stamping supplies again…but I was so frustrated to past few times I used them….they went to the back of the drawer)

Not that I am any kind of expert to be giving “tutorials” – but, I will go step by step in what I did throughout the “process” 🙂

Step1 – I polished my nails with 2 coats of Nubar’s Stardust, and polished one finger with Nicole by OPI “Shoot for the Maroon” and topped it with Seche Vite, and let it dry for 10 minutes (to make sure all of the layers were dry)

Step 2 – I cut a ton of strips of nail striping tape, and then firmly applied them to each finger nail.


Step 3 – with a piece of sponge, and a puddle of “Shoot for the Maroon” I dabbed the sponge in the polish and sponged gently onto the “Stardust” nails – until I was pleased with how much I had applied.  Then did the same with the “Shoot for the Maroon” nail, but used a gold polish to sponge on instead.




Step 4 – Gently peel off striping tape – one piece at a time.




Step 5 – clean off the polish from skin and cuticles and add top coat.

The final result!!





Adventures with Nail Striping (tape)


There was this fantastic looking manicure I came across – and it just so happened to include a tutorial.  Well, I am always up for trying something new… and this looked easy enough.  So, I present to you…


My Adventures With Nail Striping Tape! (and a bit of sponging gradient :))


Sitting in my nail art drawer, has been 5 rolls of different colored nail striping tape – since this past summer.  I take them out every so often, and try out some of these tricky designs ….just to get frustrated with the tape not going on evenly, or not sticking, or popping up after I finally get a design done.
When I saw this manicure idea, I was pretty excited to be able to finally get some use out of the tape – even if it wasn`t what the tape was originally intended for.  Please be kind, it was my first attempt 🙂


1.  Paint nails with dark color.  (I did a black polish and silver holographic tip.  I do not recommend anything but the one dark color – the silver tip did nothing for the final outcome)

2.  Once polish is fully dry…..Cut small lengths of the striping tape and place on top half of nail (your preference of design).



3.  On a plastic plate, or other non-porous surface, make a small puddle of the polish you will be using over the tape (metallic, shiny or sparkly seems to work best for contrast, if you used dark polish first)

4.  Rip a small piece of makeup sponge, and dip into polish.  Dab off excess polish so application is more delicate.


5.  Sponge the polish onto the top half (approximately) of each nail.  Do not worry about getting on your skin 🙂


6.  Once this polish has dried, gently remove tape (I used tweezers for a better grip).

7.  Clean up!  If there is sticky residue, use rubbing alcohol to remove from nail.  Use small paint brush dipped in nail polish remover to clean excess polish off skin and cuticles.  Wash fingers and finger nails immediately to remove acetone.  Moisturize!



8.  Add topcoat.  Tah Dah!!


Very simple, and if I had not tried to get fancy with two colors of polish as my base – I think my first try would have looked really nice 🙂

Here are a few other pics of this manicure, and I tried it again with just two different holographic colored polishes.







Hope you enjoyed my striping tape adventure 🙂  Have a great day!!!