Gilty Holo Mani…. Pink is yucky, but I’ll make an exception…

I don’t like pink!!  Maybe my mother forced me to wear it once too often as a child, but I can’t bring myself to fall in love with any nail polish, makeup, clothing etc. that is mostly pink.

But, I made a wonderful exception with this manicure.  I have seen Gilty by Zoya over white, black, nude….but, so far, I have not seen it over pink…..well, a pink holo 🙂  Of course, I haven’t been looking all over the web, just the main nail blogs I follow – so, I am certainly not making the claim that it has never been done 😉

Anyhooo…I am pleased how this turned out.

The main nail polishes are Layla Holographic Retro Pink, and Zoya 18k Gilty topcoat.