Nubar Hyacinth Sparkle with Color Club Fashion Addict (and NO smurf nails!!!)


Slowly, but surely, my blue smurfy nails are fading – but my cuticles are taking a beating!!  Lemon juice, toothpaste, acetone, denture soak…maybe I should just leave them to grow out 🙂  It’s more important my cuticles don’t dry up and start cracking.  And I tried, but only got to about 13 hours without polish….so that’s not happening…


And speaking of polish!!!  Ohhh I love this combination of polishes!!

After a billion coats of a strengthening base coat… I used Color Club’s Fashion Addict (2 coats) and taped off my nail about 1/2 way, and used Nubar’s Hyacinth Sparkle:


Princess Costume for my nails


My nails told me that they wanted to dress up as princess nails this Halloween 🙂

Do you like their costume?



The base is Color Club Holo “Fashion Addict”.  Then flat-back rhinestone and pearl beads as their “crown.



This was my first use if this nail polish – Color Club Holographic “Fashion Addict”.  Here is a mini review 🙂  Very pretty girly color.  Thin consistency, but good coverage (this is 2 coats).  Dries fairly quickly.  These photos were taken without any base or topcoat – so it shows the nice soft brushed look it has after drying.  No bald spots or pulling when applying.


I love it!!


Here are some photos without the jewellery: