Revlon Hearts of Gold FX – Swatches / Review

Again, Happy New Year!  I can’t believe I’ve actually posted 3 (as of now) times  already in 2013!

New Years day here is created for hangover recovery, I think.  The only thing open is the drugstore 🙂  I don’t know if that is an international thing, but it sure is here – and when you have a stir crazy 5 year old boy….that’s not good!

So, we went for a drive to the drugstore….and I ended up using one of my giftcards on these 🙂 :


This color is supposed to (in real life – couldn’t capture on camera) a dark army green with teeny green glitter pieces /dust.  Essence Walk on the Wild Side



I came across a new Revlon display that included 2 new glitter top coats – so, knowing me and glitter…one of them had to come home with me.  My son decided I needed gold.  This is Revlon Hearts of Gold FX.


Unfortunately, it was like a lot of other glitters that contain shapes (hearts, stars, moons etc.).  I was lucky to pull out 1-2 each time I dipped the brush, and those lumped on top of each other when I brushed them on.

My thoughts on Hearts of Gold FX – it’s pretty in the bottle….on the shelf…at the store.  Not worth spending precious nail polish money on 🙂   Too bad 😦

10 thoughts on “Revlon Hearts of Gold FX – Swatches / Review

  1. I want hearts on my nails!

  2. I always find that polishes like above are a pain to apply.

  3. daPerley says:

    Glitters may be hard to work with but with some of them the result will be wort it, maybe it gets easier to applicate it, at least ,with some small “bearings balls” (I allways forget the name) in the bottle?

    • Oh yes, I agree 🙂 For example the various sized glitters that are in indie polishes…those are definitely hard to work with….but, oh so worth it! 😉
      I just have a really hard time with hearts and shapes like that for some reason…?
      Maybe because the store bought polishes aren’t very generous with the glitter pieces?

  4. craftynail says:

    I have a maybelline polish with hearts, similar to this revlon. But the hearts never end up on the nail. They’re all still in the bottle. No fun.

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